Wednesday, December 2, 2009

T'is the Season!

I am making some presents this holiday season. I'm trying to keep to a few small, homemade gifts. I have two big projects I'm working on, and I've committed to hat/scarf/mitten sets for my kids and my nieces (we're heading to the snow over Christmas!), but everything else...well, I'm trying to live in "a flexible frame". (Can you name the movie that comes from?!?)

Kenny and Kelly were at the tamale party (as they are, every year) and every time Kelly and I spend some time together, we both go away wondering why we don't spend more time together. She appreciates homemade-ness more than just about anybody I know. Her kids? Her husband? Even she herself? All ridiculously attractive. Obnoxiously so. But I like them so much, I can't even hold it against them. haha! Seriously.

I had taken these pictures of their kids while making tamales, so I used them (printed onto my last sheet of fabric paper!) to make ornaments for their Christmas tree.

Then I whipped up my favorite Starling Handbag (free pattern here!) for their daughter, Kate. I love her style so much! She wears double buns and skirts (exclusively) with red patent-leather clogs and cardigans. Oh, stop it.

I lined the bag with a festive yellow daisy print. I think it's just perfect for a little girl. Or a big girl. :)


  1. I'm going to boycott this blog until my blanket is done!

  2. I love the Starling Handbag! My only problem is I can't just "whip one up"... they take me forever because I crochet so slowly.

  3. All adorable. That's all I have to say. Adorable.

  4. "Seaschell" ~ I have to say, it's a quick project for me! I started this one on Saturday night (for about an hour) and then finished it Sunday while visiting my Grandma (hour and a half...). Pretty decent! If I include sewing the lining and putting it in, it's around three hours.

    Thanks Maia!

    Jeez Erik.