Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ardenwood Farm, Part Two

At the farm, Scotty liked to push the stroller my friend Kristie had brought for her babe-in-arms, Claire.  Fortunately, Claire felt strongly about walking herself, so there was no danger of an unfortunate toppling incident.

We were very excited to come around the bend and find the farmhouse!  It has a part that is the original farmhouse, and then a part that was added on in the Victorian style.  Guess which part is my favorite?  :)
We sat on the porch and enjoyed the view of our kids blazing across the lawn and playing hide-and-go-seek at the gazebo.  When the kids finally joined us, one of the house tour guides nearly busted her bustle trying to shoo us off! 
Scotty and I paid a few dollars to take an abbreviated "kid friendly" tour of the inside of the house.  Scotty begged to go inside, and he was so curious and excited to be there!  He was cracking me up.  We both nearly came unglued in the kitchen...we know what we like.
Scotty loved the old stove and the 'new-fangled' water heater in the corner...
...while I was completely smitten by the adorable vintage embroidered tea towels.

We were both dying to play with the grinders and handpowered food processors that crowded the island, and we also would have played in that huge sink...except we were also both kind of afraid of our guide.  Yeesh.
Scotty kind of loved her...she was older, and he was right up in her grill the whole time, asking her all kinds of questions about "where did the babies sleep" and "whose bed is that one" and "let's see what's in here...."
She [wisely] kept hustling him out of the more...delicate... areas, though nothing could stop him from clickety-clacking on the old typewriter keys in the study, or trying to crawl into the bathtub upstairs.  She had a sweet and gentle way of letting him know that this really wasn't allowed.  Then she gave him a sticker for his hand and invited him to come back any time.  I kind of loved her, too.

This kid is so domestic.  He just slays me!


  1. So fun! And what a great way to teach history without a textbook. :)

  2. Yeah, that's funny that I never thought of it like that, but it's so true! We're lucky it's so close by.