Friday, May 28, 2010

Heartfelt (Tiny) Gifts

Tommy gave these presents to his teachers for Teacher Appreciation Day a couple of weeks ago.  Each little satchel contained a single hand-knitted 100% cotton dish rag, and a package of Honey-Oatmeal soap.  I've always crocheted dish rags, but Miss Pippa sent me several of these knitted waffle-weave version, and I have been so smitten with them that I switched over!   The downside is that, for me, crocheting takes but a moment, whereas as knitting is an eternity.

This is exactly the reason why I haven't been able to make any for myself!  Spending most of two little league games knitting up a dish rag for somebody else seems like the right thing to do; doing the same for myself seems ridiculous.  (Yes.  Two games.  I'm a slow knitter!  Plus, I get sort of distracted by the game!  Then I have to undo some of my, all of them, sometimes!)

I made this other special package using different cotton and it had two dish rags instead of just one, but the same lovely soap.  It's going out today, and I've been wanting to do this, or a little something like this, for so long....sometimes, I just need a little bit of time (*cough*) to get my act together, you know what I mean?


  1. well those are pretty, no wonder they took so long!

  2. @ Brit ~ Which ones are you making for the dolphins? I am thinking of adding a few crochet ones, just because it's SOOOO much faster for me.