Monday, May 24, 2010

Pictures are Better than Bullets, But...

A busy weekend, in bullets, because I didn't take a single picture.  Unheard of.

  • The last baseball game!  In fitting fashion to the typical little league game, it was absolutely freezing and windy that day at the middle school on the mountain.  It probably would have been around 90 degrees if I had forgotten my sun hat, but seeing as how I had my hat and a jean skirt...freezing it was.  Oh, wait.  Why am I complaining?  Because it's my last chance, for  a while, I guess!  Tommy had a great year.  He learned so much, he loves it so much, and we are so proud of him.
  • Straight to a birthday party for Tommy's best friend.  He and I stayed until after 9 o'clock.  Don't let it end!  :)
  • Early Sunday morning walk with dear sweet Linda.  It was a gorgeous sunny, spring morning and we walked the lake and then had tea at a nearby Starbucks, sitting on the patio, and just enjoying each other's company and catching up.  I am so grateful for our Sunday mornings!
  • Straight home in time to see my family off to a picnic they were attending...leaving me alone in my house for the first time in...who-can-remember-when?!?  But how could I enjoy it when my sweet neighbor Bev was laboriously moving buckets of dirt from her driveway to around the back of the house to her new garden beds?  Well, I couldn't.  She's been at it for days, and I was only too happy to spend less than hour finishing it off with her.  Many hands make light work, and she's always so quick to offer help and a could I resist?
  • Spent a few hours cleaning the garage (holy!) and then took Tommy to a local park where the amazing Mr. Phil (who runs the after school program at Scotty's school) had organized an informal dodge ball tournament.
  • Then...Lost, people!  I haven't watched the series at all, but Erik is obsessed, so I got the kids bathed, read to, and in bed...with prejudice...then I headed into the garage to do some laundry and more cleaning up, and stayed out of his way.  
Have you ever played dodge ball?  Oh, my.  It is a total blast!!!  The kids LOVED it and it's so fun and inclusive the way Mr. Phil does it.  I guess I had a vision of little kids or weaker kids getting ganged up on and pelted, but it's nothing like that.   It's fast and, during the Parents versus Kids round, I can tell you for a fact that it's a work out.  It was close....hard to say who won that particular round, with 8 parents on one side and 15 or so kids on the other.  I guess you'd have to call it for The Kids, though, since, officially, they immediately jumped in to play the next Kid-vs-Kid round, while all we adults sprawled on the grass, nursing our scrapes and bruises, and catching our breath.   Ahem.


  1. productive!
    doge ball. oh my gosh. at lydiksen we played that all the time for "p.e.". i always ended up last in the box, always stressed me out.
    oh, elementary school - did you know anthony q was my desk partner?

  2. A BIG Hurray for Tommy's successful season!!!! Oh Mia, if I saw a neighbor hauling buckets of dirt, I would close the blinds and read:) You are too good! Haven't thought about dodge ball in years. I wasn't very good at it:(

  3. Busy weekend! We barely know our neighbors (sad!) and if I saw them hauling dirt, I *just might* follow Betty's example. :P

  4. Ha! You ladies may be smarter than I am...I am so sore! I was trying to be helpful *and* hurry, which led me to make crazy decisions, like foregoing the dolly and just dragging the garbage cans filled with soil across the yard...over and over again. Ugly, I tell you, ugly!

    @ Michelle ~ I did NOT know that! Oh, sweet Anthony. I loved that kid. It's hard to believe that he's been gone for 12 years.

    Dodge ball...right? I had the same bad stressful, so barbaric. But I don't know, it was nothing like that! That whole "last in the box"...that brought back terrible memories! But, I don't know...this was totally different! And I don't think it's because I'm older now, so I see it differently, or anything. The kids (all ages, sizes, genders, and abilities) were positively joyful the whole time! I guess dodgeball has evolved? :)