Monday, May 31, 2010


I've been wanting a few chickens forever.  Forever.  Erik has always adamantly refused.  Flat out refusal is so...ugly.  A few days ago we had this conversation:

Erik:  As soon as you take care of [fill in trivial situation], you can get 2 chickens.
Me:  Three.
Erik:  Fine.  BUT!  I don't want to feed them, water them, clean up after them, or have to deal with them in any way.  I want nothing to do with them!
Me: don't want to eat the eggs?
Erik:  [Pause]  I'll eat the eggs.  But that's it.

So magnanimous, am I right?  ;)   As luck would have it, my neighbor's chickens are currently incubating 2 dozen eggs...some chicks are bound to come of that situation, don't you agree? 




  3. How exciting! What kind?

    I am hoping to fill my chicken tractor again but haven't had luck getting outdoor-ready pullets. Moose said NO to chicks while I was still in school. He was (probably) right. After this week I will expand my search. The sources here didn't have any but pshawed and tsk tsked the people in the Bay Area who buy/sell pullets for $25. Why such a shortage of pullets? Are urban chickens really so popular?

  4. @ Michelle ~ awesome links! Makes me want to get started on a coop...yesterday!

    @ Brit ~ omlettes. come over.

    @ Kelly ~ I'm still researching! I'm going to see if my neighbor's chicks pan out...he has, um, red ones? And some black? Uh. Yeah, I'm still researching! I'm pretty sure it's crazy popular to have your own chickens right now! There are two 'flocks' right on our block!

  5. @ Kelly ~ you know what I just thought of... the county fair will be here in a couple of weeks, and I'm pretty sure I could get something there...I need to get researching!!