Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tea Time

It's been lovely here, during the days; right around 60 degrees, sunny, blue skies.  It reminds me of fall, actually, right around 2pm.

But in the morning, and after the sun goes down, it's quite chilly and wintery.  Not as bad as it was at the beginning of January, when I was scraping ice off the car each morning and I was certain that, if it had rained, it would have snowed.  No.  Not that cold.  But if it dips into the 40s, we native Californians completely fall apart.  (Whenever I hear about the crazy snow-y weather across the country, my head immediately goes to the homeless people who are without shelter and it breaks my heart...also, perhaps, a peculiarly San Franciscan thought.  :-/)
Looking at high 30s for the next few nights means that I'm ever-grateful for my favorite mug (full of hot spiced tea, and a well-loved gift from a well-loved family) and my new favorite blanket.  It's a ripple blanket crocheted as a gift for me from my friend Kathy.  I am addicted to it!  It's the perfect size for cuddling up with a pup or a boy, and I am crazy about the purples and greens and blues in all their ripple-y goodness. 


  1. I think about the homeless too and hope that they have access to churches and shelters - however, it is the animals I worry about most. They don't have the same options... :(

    And people who think having a pet is locking one up in your backyard without indoor access - a plastic igloo doghouse or a cold concrete floor in your uninsulated garage cannot be enough protection from the cold weather. I could be wrong...

  2. Oh could be wrong, I suppose, but as you are well aware, I come from people who sit on the floor because the dogs have taken over the couches, and I spent my entire senior year of high school using my nightstand as a pillow because my mom's rottweiler, Kika, had commandeered the remainder of my twin bed. So, you could be wrong, but you'd never hear it from me. Just saying.

  3. Oh...I knew YOU of all people would agree. Every animal on your property had free reign to come and go from your parents home. lol!! I still remember when your Dad was doing the remodel and the wall on the back of the home was completely gone. We pulled in your driveway and walked around the back of the property to go inside and I was stopped in my tracks at the sight of seeing a horse in your living room. lol!!!! I have such fond memories of your parents home and all the sweet misfit pets that shared it with you guys. You could write a book about your Mom and those animals!!