Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekend ~ Thanks Giving

I just had five days off. Tuesday night was the dinner party, Wednesday was the zoo. Thursday was Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's house.

"Mom, what's up for Thanksgiving?" Same question, every year.
"I'll be here. You can come." Same answer, every year. That woman loves Thanksgiving, and there is never, no never, any discussion about rotating houses, potlucking, or any other change in venue. Do you want to go to a cabin? Head out on a cruise? Host your own dinner? Go for it! My mom will be home, cooking her turkey. Period.

The kids' table at my mom's house was absolutely the place to be! It was a party in the kitchen.

I love this man, so much. Those laugh lines, around his eyes, slay me. Always laughing...I get that from him! We both love to laugh, and the art of a good story will never go unappreciated while we are around.

Early this week, making the blanket consumed all my time, but by Friday I had sent it on its way, the holiday was over, and I got to catch my breath. I cleaned the house, cooked a turkey and some mashed potatoes (what?! I wanted leftovers!), worked in the yards for a bit, and generally spent the day nesting and enjoying a thunder and lightning storm from the comfort of our front window.

By Saturday, I was feeling like my gosh, I can't believe I still have two whole more days! Two days! Still! I'm so relaxed, so caught up, so content! Saturday night we had dinner at the home of Tommy's very best friend. Then we split up, Erik taking Tommy to the space and science center for a planetarium show and telescope visit.

I took Scotty over to Dana and Shawn's house for the yearly tamale-making party. So fun! The tamales are cooked then frozen (except for what we eat for dinner that night!) and then they get eaten at the big Christmas Eve celebration.

On Sunday, Tommy and I got up early and went with my parents to visit Gram.

Such a happy ending to such a wonderful looooonnnnnnggggg weekend!

Somehow, by Sunday night, I couldn't believe I had to go back to work on Monday. No! Don't let it end! What had felt so ample and decadent on Friday, suddenly, two days later, felt truncated and rushed. Five days of friends, family, good food, good times...I wouldn't change a minute. I just need some more minutes just like that.


  1. ttttttttaaaaaaaammmmmmmaaaaaalllllllleeeeeeeesssssssss!!!!!!!!!

  2. Whew!!!! Mia your weekend was full! I laughed that you cooked a turkey because I always did that too when I went elsewhere for Thanksgiving. Isn't it nice that some things never change in our lives (Moms for Thanksgiving). Tamales, yum! Can you make them? I want lessons.