Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This is a familiar sight at our house. Just about daily some sort of package shows up at our house.

I am guilty too (at a 5:1 ratio, Erik to me). Here are the totally rad stainless steel straws I purchased. No more plastic straws! I love them, and I even bought a set for my friend Perrin, because I knew he would love them too.

But really, Erik is a professional. Here's what showed up last Thursday:

It was a big day! Top of the line 15 inch Mac Book Pro. with remote, upgrades, and anti-glare screen.  Here he is, telling it to "stay right there" while he gets scissors to open the box.
And here he is, saying "seriously, stop taking pictures". No, seriously.

That night I mentioned that I thought the iPad was kind of cool. This statement would mark the beginning of a two year period where I do absolutely nothing about it, but for Erik...he's just wired different.

He came home the very next day with this. My Precious.

I love it. Too much.  And, starting May One, I'll be taking over the household budget, in it's entirety. Are these related events? I leave it to you to decide.


  1. What a High Tech family you are:)

  2. I covet your iPad!!!!! Please add a category to your blog where you tell us how great it is and what you do with it and why you love it so much!

  3. Lenny is envious of the new iPad. :)

  4. @Betty ~ you have no idea how wired these fools are.

    @ Kelly ~ if I can ever get my hands on it, I will!!! I swear, it is by far the most requested device in the house.

    @ Carmen ~ And then it got smudged and I had to get a new one. oh, ha, I kid! :)

    @ Maia ~ haha! He can get one when you're back on the continent! :)