Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So much to share! Let's Start with Easter

We spent a quiet (except for my kids), rainy, perfectly lovely Easter at my mom and dad's house with my brother.  We didn't even hunt for eggs ~ believe me, a first in my lifetime!  My boys dyed some eggs that morning (*cough*) but we never got outside at all.  I think we'll have an egg hunt later this week, weather permitting.  Of course, if the hail yesterday was any indication, it could be awhile.

When we go camping, I often bring those plastic eggs that people sometimes use for jelly beans or to put coins in?  And I hide those and the kids look for them.  Sometimes, I put little toys in them, and hide them when they're asleep.  Then, in the morning I tell the boys that the forest animals left them presents and they find them all and spend the rest of the day using pine cones to construct makeshift homes for miniature animals, or digging out wee little burms for the cars they've found to race around.  Good times.

Point being, neither of my kids thinks it's weird at all to randomly have an egg hunt!  Why limit these celebrations to the holidays, that's our philosophy.  I'm all about the food on the holidays, and this year I have some rather fun news to report on that front!

Food poisoning.  Aw, yeah!  Erik and I (only Erik and I!  What the what?) both started feeling sick on the way home from my mom and dad's.  And both of us were violently ill for 24 hours.  Erik was way worse off than I was.  Whatever it was, he must have eaten more of it than I did!  We don't think it was anything from Easter, but maybe the day or night before?  We mentally ran through a list of what we'd eaten over the entire weekend, cross-correlating for what we had in common, eliminating what didn't make anybody else who ate it sick, and in the end...we couldn't find a single culprit.  I assure you, though, that it was not in our heads.

I was in charge of the desserts, and we have no reason to believe that the strawberry bread or the cinnamon twists were to blame.  Thankfully!

I am on Spring Break this week with My Boys, and as of today we are all set to enjoy the rest of our time together.  When my brother heard I was on Spring Break, he rather drolly inquired as to whether that meant I would disappear from my blog for a week...again.  Wait.  What?  He reads it!  I'm so excited!   The whole reason I started this blog was so that friends and fam could see pictures of the boys and keep up with our little lives.  I even have a link to this thing in my Facebook.  It's not a secret journal!  So, sometimes, I'll be talking to somebody in Real Life, and I'll say, "oh there are pictures of Tommy doing that on the blog" or something similar, and the responses I get have been....mixed.  Most people say something along the lines of, "Oh, I went and looked at that once and _______ ".  Fill in the blank with "it exhausted me" or "then I forgot about it" or "I couldn't figure out why you do that".  Or some other uplifting comment that lets me know how compelling my life is for my loved ones!  haha!  Everyone else says something like, "I don't even know how to check my email."  What can I say?  I know an inordinate number of Luddites.

Anyway, this one's for you, J-Bird!  And, all kidding aside, for all my lovely friends (bloggy and Real World alike) who visit here and invite me in to visit them, too.  My life is so much better because of you!  Maybe my life is not so great that you feel like reading about it, but that's a story for another day.  :)


  1. Well, Mia, I LOVE reading your blog every day. It's one of the little joys of my mornings. As I've told you before, it happily reminds me of life with my own kids. I love, too, that I can hear your voice in your written words. You've inspired me to write a few notes on my facebook page. One of the lovely things about this time in my life is that I can start each day choosing which creative project I'd like to work on.

  2. I feel like a stalker, I check your blog all the time! I wish I had the blog bug. What a great way to document your lives.

  3. I love to start the day with a smile on my face and your blog definitely does that to me. Sometimes it makes me laugh until I have tears in my eyes. You should seriously be a writer, I would buy your books!!!

  4. hmmm...maybe I should go fishing for compliments more often! *ahem* :) Didn't mean to do that, but what a nice surprise anyway! And Tracy, yes, I wish you had the bug too!!!!!

    Laurie, I was so moved by what you wrote on FB... my friend Juls lost her (young) husband unexpectedly, and your words reminded me so much of what she has also shared.

    I think that's the thing about writing, is you find so many unheard-of connections between so many unknown-people! I get caught up in reading different things for different reasons, but like you, Betty, I like to laugh! I'm glad you guys come here. xoxo