Monday, April 26, 2010

This weekend was beautiful.  Split almost evenly between baseball and the garden, I am rockin' my farmer's tan and so thankful for some spring before the rains come back this week.  I feel like I'm living in Washington.  :P

Look at all those weeds!  Ugh.  They're only in the wheelie because the green bin was already full!  You can't win with weeds.  You can't even break even.  It's  just a loser's game, but one you have to play.  It's like thermodynamics, I guess.

I'm eventually going to have to tackle that hill back there, and I didn't get anything done in the front yard that I needed to, but the hill requires more than a few days without downpours and the front yard requires me to get off that patio couch long enough to find my pruners.  Someday.  Someday.

I'd also like to take some photos of the gorgeous strawberries I've been harvesting, about a dozen at a time, but that would require that I actually set them down between popping them off the plants and shoveling them into my maw.   Dare to dream.

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