Wednesday, April 21, 2010

During this Time of Baseball, we spend 3 hours at a Saturday game, 2 hours at a Sunday practice, and 3 hours at weekday-evening game.  That, my friends, is a lot of baseball!  Tommy usually plays left field, so we set up just at the end of the safety fence (since we do have a little one who doesn't understand the "heads up!" command of the errant foul ball).

The weekday game is particularly tricky.  I get off work, pick up Tommy, get him dressed, drop him off at warm-up by 4:30, run and pick up Scotty, head back to the game which starts by 5:30, and wrangle The Monster solo until Erik arrives, directly after getting off work, sometime around 6:00.  We have been running around so much, and working all day, so dinner was nonexistent.

I was already making sure that I had snacks-on-hand and at least a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for Tommy, so it was an inevitable conclusion that I would begin to pack a generous picnic for every game.  At 2 hours long and 20 minutes long, virtually every game crosses over some meal! 
Scotty usually makes "dessert" (which consists of flour, sugar, and chocolate chips mixed together with cornmeal ~ what I can say, he's working from whatever he finds in the jars on the counter) and I take leftovers and make a real sammies, which now that I'm writing this seems like the obvious choice!  Instead, for this particular picnic, I put together canneloni, green salads, and homemade bread.  We eat like kings, basically, out of a basket and on the ground. 

It turns out, some of my favorite times have been with the three of us wadded up on a blanket, cheering on Our Boy.

(I noticed a diet Pepsi on the blanket above, and it reminds me that I've stopped drinking it.  Seriously.  People of earth, do you realize what this means?  I don't drink coffee, so diet Pepsi was IT.  I literally drank between 6 and 12 each day.  I know, right?!?  Crazy.  It was really my last vice, and now it's gone.  Farewell, diet Pepsi, I will miss you.  But I will carry on.  Just like when I gave up cigarettes in 1994, getting too drunk to stand in 1996, and high fructose corn syrup in 2010.  What can I say, my path to health has been a long one.  I'll give up sniffing glue next year, what do you say?  The truth is, I don't quit things lightly...I typically drop it like it's hot and never look back.)


  1. Scotty's recipe sounds like one of mine! Peanut butter, oatmeal, raisins, and (if it is dessert and not breakfast) chocolate chips. Stir it up in a bowl, eat with a spoon. Yummy!

    How is Tommy's baseball going? Last I recall he was dismayed about not getting a hit every time. Maybe Moose and I can get up to a game sometime before the end of the season. Or maybe we can meet at a Giant's game sometime this summer.

  2. "Outstanding" in left field! Moose

  3. OK Mia, your gourmet dinner must have mouths throughout the park watering. When my boys played Little League I ran the concession stand and my husband was the President (of our little league not the US) our poor kids lived on hot dogs. We lived at those darn parks. I tried crock-pot meals but whining kids gave way to hot dogs, candy, anything to make them quiet:)

    Good for you stopping the pepsi, Congratulations!

  4. Dude. No soda, no coffee (which I don't drink either), no HFCS? What's left? Hurray for you for getting healthy! I'm failing miserably.

  5. @Kelly and @Moose ~ Don't tease. Please do come! I'll forward you his schedule. I "hired" a kid who lives part-time (shared schedule with mom and dad) in our court. He is in 9th grade and he's TOTALLY into Little League. Like, TOTALLY into it. I pay him $20 bucks a week to work with Tommy (mostly on hitting and catching and the "rules" of when to steal, how to cover for another player, etc.) and they have a ball. Tommy is much more confident at the bat now (he always had skills, but lacked a bit of gusto) and now he usually gets a hit. He feels much better! It was funny, when I "hired" him he said, "I can't believe it! I'll be getting paid to do what I love!" That's the dream, kid, that's the dream.

    @Betty ~ Oh, Betty. Oh. Did I forget to mention the churros and the nachos? :) What about the ring pops? Standard issue at the field, as far as I can tell. There's no shortage of snack bar shenanigans, but we have a nice meal *before* the deep fried sugar! Thanks for clarifying about your husband, by the way. haha!

    @Carmen ~ Right?!? I'm falling asleep at, like, 9:45 every night. Hopefully I'll adjust? As for "getting healthy" and any kind of success with it, it totally depends on the day (hour?) that you catch me.