Tuesday, February 8, 2011


My brother and my mom went to LA, and we watched my brother's puppy, Wicket.  Or, as Scotty calls her, "Biscuit!" Unless he's calling her "Bubble Gum!"  I have no idea.
They're sisters, I think I've mentioned, and they looked like fuzzy little bookends.  
Fuzzy, adorable, bookends.  These are easily the most ridiculous looking animals I've ever seen.  There are times when you have no idea which end you're looking at!  
The boys were so happy to each have a pup for our walk!
 Of course, even without the squabbles of who gets to hold the leash that were miraculously resolved with two leashes attached to two pups, we still had the non-stop discussion about what "walking" a dog means.  Like, let it actually, you know, walk.
Please, for the love of all that is good, let the animals walk.  Four legs.  They can do it!
We loved our little visitor!  But we REALLY love our pup.
Have I mentioned her name?  What we FINALLY landed on, after all the great suggestions?




  1. "Let the animals walk.... They can do it!" Yes! I say, "Le'go my Lego!" Enjoying the weather is Salinas, Moose

  2. I've been lurking since you posted your blog link on FB a while back - but I had to comment and say that I love the name Lego. :)

  3. Your pup and her sister are adorable. Love the last picture of Scotty and the little hairball from behind. Too Cute!!!

  4. Lego! I love it. Can I come to your family for baby name suggestions? :)

  5. @Moose ~HA! haha! Good one!

    @Erin ~ FUN! I miss seeing you regularly, but I follow your travel and family exploits on Facebook, so I don't feel SO behind! Please come to dinner next time? :) And thanks for the name love. I'm surrounded by boys, so my meter for these things is skewed!

    @Betty ~ thanks, I think I have to agree...nothing quite as cute as a pup and her boy!

    @Carmen ~ oh, honey, you'd have some serious explaining to do to your daughter, Iron Man. Just saying.