Monday, February 7, 2011


While Tommy's baseball season has been underway for several weeks now, Scotty's very first T-Ball practice was this Saturday.  (In an unprecedented stroke of luck, the boys have the EXACT same practice schedule this season, and the practices are all at the same field!  SHUT.  UP.)

He was so excited to wear all his new fancy equipment ~ for about 5 whole minutes!

What's that son?  You'd like me to hold your helmet?

Questions from the morning:

"Does my teacher know I have baseball today?"
"Is Uncle Moose going to be my coach?"
"Can I be on Tommy's team?"

 We're calling this his "star maker move".  Tommy never played at this age (5); he started baseball during "coach pitch" (I think he was 8!) so I was kind of shocked at how...incompetent...the really young ones seemed.  He would literally stand like this, frozen and planted, and wait for a ball to plop into his glove!  And you know what?  It actually worked a few times!
 Coach Dylan:  "Okay, where is first base?"  I mean, we're talking basics
He loved it!


  1. super photos!
    (and super luck on the schedules and location!)

  2. I'm positive Uncle Moose will follow his progress very close.After all he could be a future GIANT.

  3. Such an adorable kid, enjoy the season. How lucky for you both practices at the same field. Never happened that way when my boys played. Dad was at one place while I was at the other. I love the young kids when a ball hit a short distance can turn out to be a homerun and everyone just has fun!!!

  4. Oh, how I feel your pain. Joey is in minors now, although he started in Tball. It wasn't so bad when it was our oldest and we didn't know any better. Jenna played Tball last season and it was absolute TORTURE to be a part of - especially after watching Joe's games. OMG!! Thankfully, she isn't interested in Tball again this year - she is holding out for softball, I think. For now, she wants to move on to soccer.
    Last year she was on a tball team that came straight from soccer. Only one kid knew the game... We had the same learning curve - "first base is that way". lol!! Travis (who has coached Joey's team for the last 4 yrs) was beside himself...but hid it well. lol!

  5. He's so cute! Looks like he's having a ball.

  6. The last picture is perfect! You can send Kelly and me a schedule. Moose

  7. @Michele and @Betty ~ I know, I can't believe the scheduling. I was not expecting that at all, but I'm going to enjoy it! I can't imagine it will be like that every year, but it's nice for dipping our toes into "double booked" waters!

    @Carol ~ haha! I'd hedge my bets with this one, for sure! He's an August baby ALL THE WAY... competitive Leo, oh my!

    @Tracy ~ hahaha! That cracks me up!! I can just see poor, long-suffering Travis! lol Poor baby...and all those chicks, too! It must have sent him right over the edge. :) I can't imagine what chaos is waiting for us, but it's going to be an adventure!

    @Carmen ~ heh. You know what we say about Scotty? His motto is 'have a good time...all the time'. haha! Can you name the movie? ;)

    @Moose ~ DONE! Of course, I'm going to have to send you guys Tommy's schedule too, as the sibling rivalry would go off the charts!!! Perhaps we can find some overlapping/double headers, bang it all out and treat you to ice cream sundaes? ;) We're always ready to see you guys!