Thursday, February 10, 2011


I paid for somebody's groceries today.  It wasn't a big haul, but it included cheese, chocolate, aspirin, and a forty.  Oh, I'm sure there are people who would have drawn the charity line somewhere before hitting the forty ounce bottle of beer, but I'm not judge-y. 

The woman was of course shocked that a total stranger was going to pay $22 for her groceries, and the cashier told her, simply, "I guess it's you're lucky day."  The woman quietly said, "It's not luck.  It's a blessing.  That's what it is.  A blessing." 

This woman, who had her son with her, made all the noises you'd expect in such a situation (oh, no, you don't want to do're not serious?....I couldn't....etc.) but I held my money to the cashier** and maintained eye contact with the woman.  How else do you let somebody know you're serious?  I guess I could have smiled, but I wasn't too worried about that.  I've been told I have a friendly face. 

**  I once dated a boy in college who told me that one of the things he liked most about me was that I 'showed my money'.  I'm pretty sure he was translating from his primary language (Spanish) (and I'm pretty sure he forgot about my boobs, because hi, really, you're favorite thing about me?) but he told me a funny story that goes with it, about this woman he took out a few times, she'd always say, "Do you want me to pay for half?" but she'd clutch her purse like it was Fort Knox when she asked.  For the record, he never once took me up on my offer to pay, but he really appreciated the fact that, by 'showing my money' when I offered it, he knew I was serious about being willing to do that. 

Anyway, she left and I paid for my own items.  When I was loading my stuff into the car, she pulled up behind me and both she and her son waved wildly and grinned like crazy.  "God bless you, ma'am!  You were such a blessing to me!"  Oh, it was so sweet and cute!

Most of the people who know me know that I don't believe in God.  Well, more specifically, I don't believe in any gods.  haha!  Atheist humor is funny!  Oh, I kid.  I know it can be upsetting when somebody flat out tells you that they don't believe.  But when they came up next to me, and they were brimming with such goodwill and joy, I have to say, I was very grateful in that moment that I'm such a friendly atheist.  Because, as upsetting as my non-belief can be, your beliefs don't bother me at all.  And I was so happy for her.  And yes, I truly did feel blessed!  :)


  1. No matter what our beliefs, you are a blessing and a breath of fresh air. I am sure that woman and her son will never forget the friendly woman and her act of kindness. I am sure you changed their feelings about the world around them.

  2. Sweet, sweet Betty, thank you so much! I usually find that people who get upset with my non-belief, it only bothers them because they get so much joy and peace from their religion, and they just wish I could have the same experience.

    And you know, as is so often the case when you just up and decide (without much thought or even intention) to do something nice *just because you can*, I think it actually did more to change MY feelings about the world around us. Go figure! xoxo

  3. I was going to echo Betty. Hopefully that lady and her son will pass on another kindness to a different stranger and there will be a "pay it forward" effect.

  4. YOu're are awesome. And so are your boobs.

  5. @ Carmen ~ It's funny, I *almost* said something like, "You can do something nice for somebody next time" but then I thought, you know, she probably will do just that anyway, and I don't want her to feel like I think she "owes" something. But you're right, I think she will do that!

    @Brit HA I love you.

    @Michele ~ aw, thanks! I should write about how great I am more often. lol :)