Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bright Bulb

As I prepared to scrape down and scrub off the cooking sheet yet again, I had a brilliant idea.

I'm going to get a new one. 

Seriously?  This cookie sheet (like all my cookie sheets and all my towels up until a few months ago) have been in my possession since I left my parents' house for college.  And they were hand-me-downs at the time!  Some of these, I shit you not, were my mom's when she was a newly wed!  I think it's safe to say I've gotten the maximum use from this.  In fact, after a quick review of the baking cupboard, there are easily three other sheets that can be replaced. 

Because I am freakishly concerned about contributing to the landfill (exactly the kind of thinking that has me cooking on this monster in the first place), I will actually have to scrape down and scrub off the cookie sheet one last I can use it to make a magnetic board.

Any suggestions on good cookware?  Because, obviously, my standards are quite high here.  :-/


  1. @Brit ~heh. Seriously good move, amirite?

  2. How bout a trip to East Bay Restaurant Supply in Oakland---lots of "professional" stuff AND a stuffed lifesize polar bear (like, real. a real, killed polar bear = :( ) that will scare the pants off you and yours (it makes you feel like prey!) I got a pro baking sheet and rack. They even have those thin bowls made of wood laminate that Blondie's serves you salad in. And for $3000 your own shave ice machine. PS The polar bear is the scariest thing EVER. That store is weeeeeird. (by Kate)