Wednesday, July 21, 2010


When the bee whisperer came over, she brought me this honey (in the comb!) from her bees.  
heart heart heart

It's so yummy and beautiful.  And I have sooooo much to learn about bees and their honey!  
I'm trying very hard to not get overwhelmed.  It's working, so far.

A little bit from the gardens.  The cucumbers are coming in nicely (I even gifted some to a neighbor because I knew we wouldn't eat them quite fast enough!)  Zucchini and tomatoes...still such tiny tomatoes!  I accidentally picked a roma was a very light orange, but it's already turning on the counter.  Yay!

Tommy printed out some recipes from his Club Penguin website.  It's a funny little membership site for kids...they are penguins, and these penguins are ninjas, and they play games, earn coins, and decorate their igloos with disco balls and train sets.  His penguin avatar is currently dressed in an aloha shirt and a sombrero!  It's pretty cute.  Anyway, they have themed recipes, and we've made a batch of the Rock Hopper Cookies before (some kind of game, I think, in the penguin world?).

This time, we made caramel popcorn (penguins love caramel) and these Black Belt Penguin Pancakes.  It was a pretty standard pancake batter recipe, with the instructions to "make the pancakes in the shape of a penguin."  Really, people?  Really?

Then the boys added chocolate chips around the penguins' waists, like a black belt, and also a little ship for the eye.

Not bad for freehand penguins made from pancake batter, if I do say so myself! may look more like Club Quail, come to think of it.

Sometimes, like right now, I just sit back and marvel at how good life is.  I feel like the luckiest person on the planet, and these little photos from a simple, grateful home explain it pretty well, I imagine.  I also have another 299 posts to remind me of the very same thing.  That's right...this is my 300th post.  

Have a pancake, on me.


  1. wow 300! (the picnic basket was a wedding gift)

  2. @Michelle ~ It's gorgeous! Were you married in Belgium?

  3. no we got married in montreal (i have some wedding pics in my facbool photo albums). the basket is nice - classic english basket, it came with plates, cutlery, mugs, a thermos, napkins, a tablecloth, a cool pack, glasses, salt and pepper, and a corkscrew. for 4 - no plastic, all ceramic and stainless. i think our favorite gift.

  4. Beautiful pictures!! Tracy (do you remember Tracy Carey?) gave me a picnic "basket" that was really a's one of my favorite gifts, too! It also came with real cutlery, and even had a little wooden cutting board. :) The glasses and plates are plastic though. It's been nice, since we do a lot of picnics on hikes and camping trips. But that one you have is the cadillac, for sure! I'll be coveting it from here. lol