Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kings and Queens

So this last weekend, Tommy starts yapping at me about how I need to make him these things, for this idea he has.  This kid can talk.  Did you know I was voted "Most Talkative" in my Junior High School yearbook?  Um.  Yeah.  I now know how everybody else on the planet felt about me yammering nonstop about nothing.  I feel like finding my 7th grade pre-algebra teacher, Mrs. Walker, and sending her a cookie basket. 

People of earth:  I am sorry.  I am so, so, so sorry.  Rest assured that I am suffering for all that I put you through.

Where was I?  Oh, yes, Tommy had this idea, where he rattled off nonstop directions and specifications for this army of knights and peasants that I need to make him and even horses for them to ride because there needs to be a good king and queen and a bad king and queen and there's going to be a war and can the horsesbewearingthosebannersyouknowthatareroyalandthepeasantsneedtobe....OH MY GATO!!!  Zip it, why can't you?

Instead of losing it (or was it in addition to losing it?  I can't remember...) I suggested that he might want to write or draw the details, so I wouldn't forget them all.
(For the record?  How much do I LOVE the way he wrote "random" when he didn't care about the colors?  SO MUCH, that's how much I love it!)

So, in sum:  6 knights, 2 kings, 2 queens, 6 horses (3 brown, 3 black, and "make sure they can stand up and the people can ride them"), 5 boy peasants (green) and 5 girl peasants, plus two horses for the kings. 
I haven't put the arms on this Evil Queen yet, but you need to see the depths of my commitment to this project.  She has an evil face and a felt crown and she's knitted and stuffed so she can, eventually, ride a royal pony.  I am using (and so thankful for!!!) this free pattern from Wee Folk Art.  And if you have an hour or two to kill, their free pattern section is wonderful and inspiring and, of course, completely free.  Love you, Wee Folk Art!

So far he adores it ("put the arms on!  and i need a horse!"  I can hear, son, I can hear.)  but Erik and I got a big laugh tonight when we decided that, by the time I get around to finishing twenty of these that he will have long forgotten about the idea anyway!  haha  Oh, how we laughed!  So, to hedge my bets, I'm making just enough for a battle to get underway...a good queen, an evil queen, two knights and two horses.  For the horses, I'm going to use the pattern from Alicia Paulson's book because, unbelievably, she has a stuffie horse pattern in it.  You just never know.  We'll see how he gets on with that ensemble, and then we'll make a decision about moving forward!


  1. Okay, this is a two part comment. Just an FYI. :)

    Part One: Tommy is hil-a-ri-ous!! I counted 28 different characters for his Great Battle of 2010? If you find a crochet pattern for any of them, I would love to contribute! Kids. Ya gotta love 'em.

    Part Two: TYING? You want to TIE your beautiful quilt?? How can you even think of such atrocities?!?.

    Hehe. I'm just yanking your chain. I think if you found a cool way to bind and want to tie instead of free motion quilting, you should go for it!

  2. @Carmen ~ yeah, 26, but that includes the horses, so 20 knit figures. (I am TOTALLY on the look-out for a crochet version! You may live to regret this! :) And HA you totally got me on the quilt! I thought you were serious! Except, it's kind of true, is the only thing! I was telling Nancy, part of me feels like sort of the point is to 'bite the bullet' and do some machine quilting. But I can't let go of this edging idea. Argh!!!! I need to decide. I'll let you know by Monday what went down....

    @Michelle ~ Hey. Wait a minute. YOU knit, right? haha :)