Friday, July 9, 2010

Versatile Blogger :)

Miss Carmen has given me an award!  How sweet!  It's for being a "versatile blogger", which kind of cracks me up...because I think that's about the nicest way you can say that I lack focus.  *cough*

The rules for this award are simple. Thank the person who gave you the award (thanks Carmen!), tell seven things about yourself and pass the award along to some bloggers you love.

1.  Next year, I took a job teaching at one of my favorite schools in our district.  My class list boasts 31 third graders and 5 fourth graders.  la-la-la-la i can't hear you!

2.  I can't stand to be wet.  I often wash my hair by hanging my head over the tub after I leave the shower, just so I won't have to be completely wet all at once.

3.  I am trying really hard to remember my cloth grocery bags at the market.  I occasionally leave them in the pantry after the last haul, but I often leave them in the car when I go into the store!  Currently, I punish myself for this by insisting on not taking any bags at all...I juggle my purchases across the parking lot.  That'll learn me!

4.  My cars are always filthy.  Inside and out.   And almost always out of gas.  I have also locked the keys in my car so many times, that I ended up giving my colleague a set of extra keys, so that she wouldn't have to keep calling her Triple-A insurance.  *blush*

5.  Speaking of keys?  I also routinely lock us out of the house.  There are many (very generous) people in my life who choose to interpret my ridiculous behavior as a form of "genius", "oh Mia is so full of lofty thoughts, there's just no more room for the mundane details of life."  I wish those same people could have seen me the day I fell into the bath tub after climbing through the tiny shower window at the top of the stall.   The window is roughly the size of two gallons of milk; I managed to thread myself through, but crashed to the bottom, breaking the built-in ceramic soap dish and tearing down the shower curtain on the way.  I wonder what those (very generous) people would be thinking if they had found me, amidst all that property damage, laying very still and trying to figure out if I had also broken a bone or two?

6.    For reasons I'd rather not disclose, I never know how to answer the question on a job application re:  "have you ever been convicted of a felony".

7.   I am a procrastinator.  See, I even put off saying that until the last possible second!

Whew!   Now, that was actually kind of fun...I would love to pass the Versatile Blogger Award on to my cousin, Kelly, and her aunt, I'd love to hear from Michelle (but I know you don't have "that kind of blog", so I understand if you choose not to share!  ooohhh, or, you know what, you can put it in the comments here!) and although I just found the blog of "La" when she left a comment the other day, I'd love to hear more about her, too!  I think anyone with the word "potpourri" in their blog title would have to fall under the versatile flag.  :) 


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  2. hello there.
    thanks mia. as you know i love to read your blog and love that we have reconnected.
    7 things off the top of my head in no particular order;
    1 - i am incredibly claustrophobic.
    2 - i have never chewed a piece of gum. i find it SO disgusting. i have a really difficult time if someone near me is chewing. (i also can not stand hard boiled eggs or mayo - but not in the same way as i loath the gum chewing)
    3 - i can play the banjo
    4 - i lived in las vegas for about 3 years. during which time i was the production stage manager for celine dion.
    5 - i have never broken a bone. the first time i ever spent time in a hospital was when my sons were born by c-section.
    6 - i am working towards becoming a belgian citizen
    7 - i miss san francisco terribly (i am sure you knew this)

  3. Mia, thanks so much for the Unfocused, oops I mean Versatile Blogger Award! Haven't had a chance to post my response blog post, but wanted to let you know that I had seen I won the honor! BTW, love the new banner picture. It is SOOOOO summery!

  4. @ Michelle ~ Thank you!! Wow. A lot has happened since Guerrero Street! Do you ever miss your work with stage production? I'm not a huge Vegas fan (honesty? I've never been much for the desert...probably could learn to love it under the right circumstances, I'm guessing) but I have to believe that was a kind of fun job! Remember Matt Chesey (spelling?) wasn't he in charge of Cher's wig once for a video shoot? Haha! You could have some sort of 'diva wars' with him! Did you ever meet her? did you end up in Belgium? Did you go there because of your husband, or were you already there when you met him? Okay! Clearly, 7 wasn't enough. *blush*

    @ Kelly ~ yay! I hope you're having fun at your conference. When you get a chance I left you a propogation question. I'm so needy.