Thursday, July 15, 2010

Going For It

My boys are so creative, in their own ways.  I love their enthusiasm for doing!
Scotty set himself up in business here with paints that I had set on the kitchen table (procrastinating putting them away, actually) and I love that he just goes for it.

Tommy's been going for it, too.  He's been at Bandworks this week.  It's like that movie, School of Rock?  With Jack Black?  A bunch of random kids are placed together, they learn a bunch of songs, and then they have a recital gig at the end of the week.  Tommy has never done this before, but his group didn't have a singer.  So Tommy said, eh, why not?

Love that kid.

He's playing drums, too.  It's really different playing in lessons than it is to actually play with a band!  He's learning a lot, and he really seems to enjoy it.  They're learning four Green Day songs.  
(If you click through on this, maybe you can let me know what's up with the keyboard player?)

These videos were taken today, by their session leader ("He said we can swear".  Um. Wait, what?) and they've only been playing together since Monday.  When they walked in on Monday, none of them knew how to play any of the songs, none of them had ever sung over a band before, and some of them are learning brand new instruments to participate.

Frankly, I'm impressed!

Tommy was inspired, in fact, to set up the drum kit in the living room (oh!  oh!  loud!) and he and Scotty have been killing it around here.  It's music to my ears.  :)


  1. killing me! that is so awesome!
    (i guess the keyboard "player" would rather be napping? or he is trying to be too cool for school).
    your boys are rockin'

  2. ha! We went to the formal concert today and that keyboard player was hilarious! I *think* he's having fun? He just laid across the keyboard and barely kept his eyes open to finish his songs. He was so cute! Tommy had a blast and he did so great. I was so proud of him. I am SUPER shy, and I tend to overcompensate by being a bit 'hammy'. He wasn't like that at all...he has a much quieter confidence. I really admire it!

  3. The keyboard player appeared to be bored; he really wanted to play the guitar! Nice Job, Tommy! Moose

  4. Hi, Mia! I found your blog through a link on Erik's Facebook page. I am jealous that their summer session happened the and "adult" version did not! I signed up to play drums (scary!), but not enough people signed up to create any bands. I'll try again in September (still scary!).

  5. @Moose ~ that's funny that you say that, because I thought the same thing...his mom described him as "stoked" though! haha!

    @Tra ~ you've got to see if this is available for Joey-George...or even Travis! Erik did it and he loved it. I know they have sessions in Colorado. You should defnitely google it.

    @Andria ~ Hi! :) My friend Kathy is the original person who turned us on to Bandworks. She started taking drum lessons when she turned 60!! Now she plays the ukelele too. We will totally come to your gig. I can't wait, I know you'll be awesome. Erik's always bragging on your Rock Band chops. It all makes me wish I had even a modicum of talent in *anything* musical. I know when Kathy had an injury, she got to play "percussion" stuff, like bells (more cow bell!) and sometimes I think, you know, maybe I could shake a tambourine? Every once in a while, I ask Erik to teach me some guitar. For marriage maintenance purposes, though, we had to put that one on the backburner. September will be here before you know it, it's so exciting!