Monday, July 12, 2010

Currently Obsessed...

We have so many obsessions here in The Shire lately....
We're each totally fixated on our favorite part of beekeeping...Tommy's being the fashion...
...Scotty's being the smoker....Mine, of course, the actual bees.
 I'm also in love with these wildflowers that are growing in the field behind our house.  For me, a little happy, brought inside...
...for my boys?  All things Toy Story!  We love all the Toy Story movies.  Erik works next door to the Pixar studios, and he has a friend who works there.  He says it's not like their totally wrapped up in the technology; they're all about the scripts and the characters (even though it's 'just' cartoons!) and I think it shows.  "To Infinity, and Beyond!"  (I once heard an eighth grader describe the infinity sign as un ocho que se ha descansado (loosely:  "an eight that has laid down to rest") and that still makes me giggle.)
 I'm obsessed with stacks of pretty fabrics.
Scotty's obsessed with chocolate milk.
I'm obsessed with my garden.  Is it too far-fetched to call this "a harvest"?  These cherry tomatoes and a handful of zucchini are the first of (knock wood!) many.

In fact, I made the Zucchini Bake from Laurel's Kitchen, and it was delicious!  We took it up to Tilden Park on Sunday for a big going-away party for my one of my favorite people, Jake, and his sweet wife and kids, too.  It was gone in a flash, and I didn't get pictures of it first.  Which, any blogger can tell you, means it might as well not have happened at all.  So, round two, no doubt will be documented!

(Also obsessed with :  geography, currently.  Had to google where Budapest is when Jake said he was moving there for two years.  Actually had a conversation with my husband where he said he had no idea where it was, and I ventured that I thought it might be in Turkey.  I now know it's in Hungary.  Which is NOT, so you know, "right above Sweden".  That would be Switzerland.  The same thing happened when I found out Michelle was living in Belgium.  I was surprised that she speaks French, because, you know, don't they speak German there?  Oh, what?  Berlin.  Got it.  Holy hell, what is wrong with me?  Added to Bucket List:  Get out more.)


  1. great post. flemish is also spoken here in the north, very hard to understand. hey did you see my 7 in the comments of your last post? (love all the updates on the green bin bees.)

  2. So neat that you are keeping bees! We are considering this as well (we just have to get over our fear of attracting bears to our yard)

    Warm wishes, Tonya

  3. @ Tonya ~ I guess in Vermont bears could be a problem! The most we have to worry about is big fat wild turkeys and deer. Neither of which is particularly terrifying, but they are rather destructive. These bees just showed up one day, as a swarm! On their own, they made a hive in my green recycling bin. It's been such an adventure! I just got a proper hive, and I'm having a professional come and move them over. I may be keeping bees, after all! :)

    @ Michelle ~ oh, ha! No, I hadn't seen your comment, but I did just see it (and respond) before I read this one...hmmmm. I may need a better comment-management plan! That's exactly what I found out when I was looking up Belgium! I went down a real rabbit hole with the Holland border tip. Also, I was tripping out how close you are to London, where my dear friend Maia has been living! I mean, as ridiculous as I am (hi, american, holy cats) even I was aware of how relatively *small* Europe is, but still, I think I considered Belgium being way more north. You know, once I figured out it wasn't in Germany. :) Also, when I was looking at maps, I was sort of tripping out on where Croatia is. My husband's family is from Croatia, and they basically escaped when it was communist (under Russian rule) back in the late 60s. I knew they went to Spain at the time, but I guess in my head Croatia was bordered by Russia. I think I must have thought it was more like where the Ukraine is? It's positively Mediterranean! So, long story longer, blogging is making me a citizen of the world. :)