Monday, July 26, 2010

Freshly preserved blackberry jam...and plenty of prepped and frozen berries for a future batch!
Triple berry crisp...yes, again.
Oliver & S free skirt pattern ~ too easy!  And look at the fabric my sweet friends picked out.  I think it's rad!  One down, one to go.  My friend Dana dropped off her six-year-old daughter Cassidy for a 'play date'....with me!  I helped her sew a skirt, she dug up a Starling purse I had on ice (added a felt star and called it her own) and left with a sewing machine that was in my shed.
A very complicated knitting project for Tommy.  All of his ideas are very complicated, in fact.  He's a big dreamer, a grand schemer, and I'm sure gonna jump through every hoop I can to make it happen.  And that includes knitting with black yarn in July.  Ugh.
And, my interest in my 'bee situation' led me to do some searching for bee's wax candles, resulting in this sweet Etsy find of birthday cake candles in various sizes and colors.  With two (count them!  two!) birthdays in August for these boys, it seemed like just the right way to spend ten dollars.

I hope your weekend was equally (no, even more) wonderful.  I've been waking up feeling instantly grateful for a full and happy life.  I recommend it.


  1. Good for you for making the absolute most of your summer!

  2. @Carmen ~ hehe I almost ended with "I love summer!" but reluctantly deemed it to obnoxious. LOL Hey, I have a question for you and Nancy about the quilt along...I think I'll post it to your sites, actually. :)