Sunday, July 25, 2010

Comfort Food

When my sons have grown into adults (and please, don't make me cry thinking about it)
I will not be very surprised at all if I find out that their 'comfort' food...their 'little bit of home' food...
turns out to be pancakes.

I think we make more pancakes than anybody else on the planet.
Scotty said, "Can you make pancakes?" and you know what?  I did NOT feel like making pancakes.
So I started making some mealy-mouthed excuses and he shook his head and said,
"No, mommy, you just take some eggs and some milk, like this..."
And he went right into the refrigerator to dig up some ingredients and it made me smile.

It also made me cook some pancakes.  Wasn't I just writing about penguin-shaped pancakes?  
These are round.  Plain old round pancakes.  

Can you name the movie?  (hint:  an all-time favorite of mine!)
Person One:  "Do these blow up in to funny shapes at all?"
Person Two:  "Not unless you consider 'round' funny." 


  1. have you ever tried buttermilk pancakes? my fave.! (i have no idea what movie those lines are from....)

  2. Don't know the movie either. When my kids were small I used to make Mickey Mouse pancakes and Airplane pancakes and my favorite balloons (just round ones that I convinced those kids were balloons:)) I must say your penguins were impressive!!!!

  3. We love pancakes too. I found some fun pancake molds 2nd hand on Ebay - the best ones are made by Wilson Sonoma - that are shaped in different Christmas shapes (Santa's sled, snowflakes, stocking, etc..). The kids love them.

  4. The movie: Raising Arizona! It was a conversation between Evelle (William Forsythe) and a grocer. Evelle was purchasing some balloons, right before they left the baby on top of the roof of their car. It's such a silly movie, but I laugh until I cry every time I see it. Very quotable.

    @Michelle ~ Oh gosh yes! Buttermilk are my favorites! I've tried sourdough too, which are also good, and buckwheat are good too. Hmmm... I may never have met a pancake I won't eat!

    @Betty ~ love love love the balloons! I'll have to try that one LOL

    @Tra ~ you mean Williams and Sonoma? I searched on eBay...oh my cute!!! I found a couple of winter ones, but not the set you describe. The two sets I'm swooning over are the farm animals (!!) and the space one with the moon and sun and saturn! So cute!

  5. LOL! Yes.. Williams Sonoma. You should get them. They are fun. My only advice is to make sure that they are on the skillet long enough to get nice and hot before you put the batter in, otherwise it will stick.