Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December Vexes Me

I had no idea I hadn't written here since November 30th.   I suppose it goes without saying that I've been busy!  haha!  The whole world lazes around while I alone have been tasked with work and preparing for the holidays.

My friend Claire has a saying:  "Teaching:  the only profession that simultaneously keeps you young and kills you."  I don't know if it's her original thought (I myself have thought a less well-articulated version of it every 6 minutes since 1996) but it's so perfectly true that I could cry.  No, seriously.  I could cry.  Right now.  Oh, I kid!  Sort of.  I'll get through this week, which will be so much worse than last week, but then next week will improve, and then I have two weeks off.  Just breath.

I took apart the last rag rug I was making and now it looks more like this:

 I can't say it looks better than the last version, but I will point out that it now looks more like I thought it would, in my head, when I first started it.  I'm going to call that a win.
A win I desperately need, by the way, as I spent a rainy Sunday this weekend doing quite a bit of sewing.  I am...not a great sewer.  I spend a lot of time staring at things.  I also spend a chunk of time on each project ripping out seams.  It's not that I don't understand "right sides together"; it's that if I don't constantly concentrate when I'm pinning two things together, I won't do it right.  And let's just say I'm not constantly concentrating.   I suppose there's some lesson here about living in the moment and staying mindful, but really, I'm interrupted no less than a dozen times every hour for some boy-wrangling, and I can't say I mind it. 

I can happily report, having said all that, that the three things I sewed this weekend make me so happy!  Now...if they were just done.  Ahem.


  1. The rug does look beautiful! I love the colors that you have chosen.

  2. vex is such a great word and sums it up almost as much as that saying!

    I feel like December doesn't start until I've graded my last paper.

    I'm teaching my kids patience see.....

  3. Don't be modest... you are a great sewer! I know, cause I have proof. :)

  4. @affectioknit (LOVE that name!) and @Heather ~ Thank you so much! I really like it too. :) I was thinking hard about the green, but in the end I'm soooo glad I went with it. It keeps it fresh and not too 'matchy matchy'. You're both so sweet to say so!

    @Brit ~ I know, right? It's so confounding, this time of year, because all this STUFF we HAVE to do is a direct contradiction to what I really WANT to be doing!

    @Carmen ~ You cutie pie! Do I even have to tell you, when I sent that off, that my very last thought (standing in the post office) was "I hope this stuff withstands a washing." LOL How are your place mats going?

  5. HAHA! I think the same thing every time I send something to someone... "Will it last beyond the next six months?"

    P.S.I suck at place mats. I can't get them to lay flat!