Sunday, December 26, 2010

Taking Suggestions

We added to our family this weekend, and now we have this to deal with:
She's pretty dang funny.  I don't care for an overly-confident dog, myself.  I like my dog's slightly insecure.  This one's self-esteem is fully intact, however, as evidenced by her proud and regal stature.  There's only room for one top-dog in this casa, my friend, so stand down.

Fortunately, she has personality to spare and she seems very bright.  It's the little things, you know?  I put a harness and collar on her, then hooked up a leash and took her for a spin in the court.  I've had dogs who lay down and make you drag them under similar circumstances, but she got right with the program.  She also had the good sense to immediately remove the plaid sweater I was going to make her wear.  So I have hope for her.

I can't believe we finally got another dog.  We loved our Howard so much, and when we lost him (over two years ago now) I thought I'd NEVER get another one.  We've always had big, working, busy dogs, but I insisted that we have a totally different experience this time.  A shitzu-toy poodle mix seems about as far from Australian Shepherd as you can get.  It barely seems like the same species, and I've never owned a small dog in my life.  In fact, I'd probably still be dogless, except my brother found these and got the sister, then Erik shocked me by approving the purchase.

She loves to play fetch.  Another point in her favor.  We got her situated with a crate today, so forget about sleeping in the bed every night, chump.  Now we just need a name.  We usually give our pets human names, because we think it's funny to have a goldfish named Keith, a dog named Howard, or a cat named Tim.  For some reason, my family has lost its collective minds with this one, though.  Without your intervention I'm going to be stuck with Brain (Scotty's choice, who is an Inspector Gadget fan) or Tron II (Erik's choice, who is an ass) or Sparky (Tommy's choice, who seems unconcerned that our new dog is a girl and might want a less gender-ambiguous name).  The phone lines are open, and we clearly need a voice of reason.


  1. Sophie or Chloe. Those are my 2 fav girl names right now.

  2. smugglepuss, poopoo, shmoo shmoo, noga,nova, nuggie, macchiato, frap, horta, tribble, gia, and the number one suggestion from my family to yours.. KITTY!

    Paula and family of poor name suggestions

  3. @Cori ~ Consuela Conchita Buljan could work. :)

    @Tra ~ She actually looks like a Chloe to me! Hmmm....I'll run it by the boys.

    @Paula ~ ha! That list is...frightening. :) Also, and you won't be surprised by this, I AM THE ONE who has (absentmindedly) been calling her "kitty"! haha!

  4. She is so sweet. I am very partial to shih tzus. Bosco (big name little dog) is my third and he has the sweetest personality.

    I like Fishface's suggestion of Chloe.

  5. what about Molly?

  6. She is SO CUTE! I had a Shih Tzu named Daisy when I was a kid. I vote for that or Maggie.

  7. @Anon ~ Jason, is that you? ;)

    @La ~ oh, that's good....big name, little dog. Hmmm...cute! Bosco is a great name. We keep coming up with boy names we like (Claude is at the top) but, um, she's not a boy! I also like Chloe, which we're floating around a bit.

    @Carmen ~ Daisy. That's got real potential!

  8. @Michele ~ Lois is so cute! We were trying to think of old-fashioned names like that. Connie, Lois, Betty...those names are so sweet!

  9. What about -
    Momma Cass
    Janis (Joplin)
    Grace (Slick)
    Chrissie (Hynde)
    June (Carter Cash)
    Loretta (Lynn) - my favorite
    Tanya (Tucker)
    Tammy (Wynette)

  10. These are all SERIOUSLY awesome. I could go with any of these and be happy.

    Okay, here's my situation: No matter what name I say, Scotty cries and says its name is Spock. No, really. As in, Star Trek Spock.

    I have a situation on my hands here.

  11. What was Spock's Mother's name? Maybe he'd compromise?

  12. @Anon ~ ha!!

    @Cori ~ Hmm...Spock's mom was human, so her name was nothing fancy (anna? amanda? Sadly, both Scotty and Erik could tell you without blinking here!) but wasn't Spock almost married once? I'm right on the bleeding edge of my Star Trek knowledge here, but I'll run the idea by the masses!