Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm With the Band

Erik has been playing guitar since he was 15 years old.  Do not doubt his commitment to his craft.

When Tommy was born, Erik was so excited!  Now he had a person he could train up from infancy in the ways of the guitar.  My family name is "Hendrix"  (seriously) and when I was pregnant, in the midst of all his day-dreaming about having a prodigy, I would point out that it's probably too much pressure to put on a fetus.  His response:  "I don't know what you're talking about; little Jimmy Eddie Joe Hendrix can be whatever he wants."

Upon realizing that Tommy was not that interested in guitar, he steered him toward drumming.  Tommy loves drumming, fortunately, as it allows Erik's dream of a family band to remain in tact.

Fortunately, we had a second chance at success when we decided to make another person.  Enter Scott.
Here's Scotty, enjoying Tommy's "Festival of Lights" pageant from his perch on Erik's shoulders.  He loves music!  And I love this hippie school, where the kids do a rockin' rendition of "One Love", complete with Bob Marley slide show on the movie screen for the win.

Scotty is the person in our house who breathes music, for sure.  He loves to make up his own songs.  His most recent one is called "There's No Problems With Christmas".  He insists on recording on the four-track Erik uses with the computer.
He's also the prime orchestrator of any and all hoot-en-annies (sp?).  This picture actually cracks me up, because this kid is never dressed.  If he has pants on, there's no shirt.  If he has a shirt on, it's no trousers.  We've convinced him that he needs at least pants if he's going to visit the neighbors, and we don't have to argue about full-clothing on school days anymore, but he's stripping down in the car and good to go by the time he hits the front door.

 In the video, you can see that Scotty is using the hand-me-down 3/4 size Squire guitar that used to be Tommy's.  Which Scotty thought was great, UNTIL he met the 1/2 size Squire guitar in what he calls SUPER RED (candy apple red, instead of the orange-ish red pictured in the jam session :).  
Erik had told him "no" at the guitar store, and though Scotty was (clearly) devastated, because, and I quote, "I love this tiny super red kitar", Erik wasn't fooling me.  Not even for a second.

Guess what Scotty's getting for Christmas?


  1. Hi Mia!

    I'm pretty sure this is how Van Halen started.

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. Rock on! :o) La

  2. There is nothing greater than a musical family. Loved the video!!! Who could say No to that adorable little face???

  3. Maybe you've seen my blogs about my 42 yr old son who has played the guitar since he was in elementary school. Although he's now a family man,that dearly loves his family, his guitar was his first love. And maybe if truth be known, still is. Music and children belong together, even if you're child is 42. ROCK ON SCOTTY!

  4. @ La ~ haha! It's so funny you say that because I think at some point during every hootenannie I call them the Van Halen brothers! haha! Thanks :)

    @ Michele ~ We'll have to get these guys together sometime and let them tear it up!

    @ Betty ~ I am the exception to the rule in our musical family. :-/ My mother once told me that there's no way she would pay for piano lessons for me because "you're totally tone deaf" and when I came home in middle school and reported that I was going to be in the chorus (everybody in 7th grade was in the chorus, as I recall) my mother wrinkled her nose and said, "You?! In the chorus?? You can't carry a tune in a bucket!" So, ego-bruising notwithstanding, she had a point. Ahem. And that face. Oh, tell me about that face! haha

    @ Pat ~ Oh yes, I have read about your son, and it always makes me giggle because it reminds me so much of my husband!