Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kathy's Recital

My dear friend Kathy is a retired teacher who used to share my teaching joys (and frustrations!) from her classroom across the hall.  She was my partner in crime, and there are four of us who've maintained our close connection, despite how life has a way of moving on sometimes, you know?  (Two of us are retired, one moved to Hawaii to be with her grandchildren for a couple of years, one became a principal, I've had two children, etc., but we always find the time and energy to stay in touch and see each other....getting all four of us in the same room 4 times a year is no small feat!)

Last Sunday, she had her 'recital'.  She's a real debutante, having taken up drumming in her retirement.  She's been a constant source of encouragement and information for our own little drummer, and even goes to all his gigs, so of course we went to see her perform on her ukelele up in the music hall at the university!  This has been one of my favorite December events (in a month of piled up events!) for the last several years.  I brought my Nikon with my 70-300 telephoto lens (it's like being right next to you!) but Scotty was able to capture his perspective from my iPhone:
 We got there early and staked out our seats in the rear of the theater, as they set up for all the performers.
 Here'  Ahem.
 That's better, son!  You got it!
 Wait, no, that a splotch of yogurt on my shoe?  Ugh.
 What the hell, Scott?  Who is this?
 Here's some that I took, of Kathy getting settled
(her instructor accompanies her on the guitar for both songs.)
 I LOVE this picture!  Every picture I took, he's laughing like this.  Kathy is so funny!
 She played two songs, and we enjoyed all the performers.  There were a lot more adults this time around (usually Kathy goes last so, as she says, her fellow students can finish up and get home for their naps, haha!) so I think she must be inspiring people!  I have my own little dream, so maybe,  some day, me too.  :)
We left the campus and went out to dinner with Kathy and her husband and some other friends, and it was such a lovely time.  I'm so grateful for these little excursions with my boys!


  1. Special friendships are worth the extra effort, aren't they.

    Merry Christmas! La

  2. @La ~ yes they are! ;) And merry Christmas to you, too! xoxo