Thursday, December 16, 2010

Health Fair Auction

Tommy's class put on a Health Fair at their school.  It was from 6:00 - 8:00 on a Friday night during the second week of December.  Really?  Oh, but it was so fun!  I was swamped with parent conferences, report cards, and teaching, but I carved out some time to make and buy a few things to donate to the the silent auction.
 I made this crocheted bag and attached a wool felt flower and lined it with a thrifted vintage sheet of pale yellow and red flowers.  It cost about $3.50 to make, and it sold for $25.  It was a HUGE hit with the 6th grade girls, who were begging their parents to put in bid after bid.  So cute!
 I made a set of re-usable grocery bags (hey!  same fabric as the lining!) and included a set of Tumbler produce bags.  I spent $12 and the set went for $15.
The theme was, of course, healthy eating.  Tommy did his whole presentation on how bad fast food is for you.  (And can I just say, with a sigh, how equally wonderful and horrible it is for a young boy to get a little bit of knowledge?  We don't eat fast food often at all....maybe once a month?  And it's usually because we are out after a long of school/work and straight to ____ practice ~ go ahead and fill in the blank ~ and I'm telling you that, under those circumstances, I don't need the scolding from a ten year old when I pull into the drive-through.   Just saying.  Also, I could deal with the righteous indignation if it weren't also accompanied by the descent into emotional chaos, complete with anxiety attacks, he now suffers whenever a cheeseburger, plain is ordered.)
Anyway, it was a 'healthy food' theme, so I picked up a crockpot on sale and a cookbook to go with it ($40.00 total) because I know my crockpot has saved us from a dinner of take out more than a few times per month.  It went for $32.00.
 Finally, I picked up a yoga mat and set of yoga dvds (did I mention the HEALTHY?) and that was $35 for both.  It sold for $26.00. 
 Here's Tommy giving his presentation to the Lower Elementary kids, with a monkey on his back.

So.  Brisk clap.  What have we learned here today?  The bag, net-net, was by far the best auction item!  It cost almost nothing (except my time) to make, it was universally loved, and it sold for a nice profit to benefit the school.  I don't regret buying the other items, however.  It was a donation, to raise money for their classroom projects, and I'm glad that the families who ended up with the items were able to get them at a discount.  Things are tough all over, and I know the families involved were excited to get something for less than it would have cost them at the store. 

So that's what I donated to the auction; you may be wondering what did I win?  I won a shoebox diorama of an organic farm made by a 5th grade student.  My bid was $6.00.  Total bargain, and I love it!  Scotty was quite smitten also, because he kept asking where his "game" had gone to.  haha!  I bought it to show to my own students, so they could understand what a "diorama" is, in case they wanted to do a project themselves. 

There's another silent auction (for the school, instead of the class) coming up in the spring.  I tell myself, after the holidays, I'll get going on a stable of crocheted and lined bags.  But, I think we all know that's a long shot.  "procrastinate" is my middle name!


  1. fun!
    (i am going to buy a slow cooker soon)

  2. Procrastinator is my title, but in the end we manage to get it done.

  3. OK Mia, don't believe my sister Carol. She is the "Project Queen" of our family. If she is procrastinating, I would hate to see her in full motion:-) You too seem to find an hour or two (maybe between 2am and 6am) to do umpteen projects. The crocheted bag was darling!!!

  4. Love the crochet bag! And "procrastinate" is my first, middle, and last name.

  5. @Michele ~ I'm actually thinking of replacing mine. The one I have is almost 13 years old, and fairly small. But, it still works, and you know I'll wait until it gives up the ghost. :)

    @Carol ~ Yes, I think that's the very nature of procrastination! If you never actually GET IT DONE, I don't think you could actually call yourself a procrastinator. That's so funny, I never thought about it like that! haha!!

    @Betty ~ Okay, but in our defense, I have to say that some people think I am procrastinating, when really, it's just that I have SO MUCH happening, that I can't start on the next thing until I finish the last thing. When 'things' are running right into each other, it looks like procrastination. You see? How we suffer? ;) Thanks for the sweet words about the bag!

    @Carmen ~ Haha! And that's why I looooovvvvveee doing projects with you! haha!