Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Today in The City

Today, the whole family took a ride over the bridge and Erik and Scotty played cards, while I knitted, and Tommy practiced drums at his drum teacher's adorable and quirky artist's bungalow.  It was a sweet, slow morning.  Before heading back home, we stopped in downtown and spent a couple of hours in Union Square.  I love going to San Francisco these days, where I feel like a tourist in my own town.

 In the lobby of the Westin St Francis Hotel.

 Macy's has used these huge wreaths in every window for as long as I can remember.  The look, to me, has lost none of its charm.

 Lunch!  :)
 Saks, through the square, from in front of Macy's.  For about a hot second we contemplated getting into the ice skating rink.  Decided to pass.
 The boys positively love San Francisco.  When we come over the bridge, Scotty tells me, with an expansive, encompassing flourish of his hand and a huge grin, "I got all this for you, Mommy!"
Be still my heart.
 If you look closely toward the center of the St. Frances, you can see the glass elevator on a quick descent.  Sadly, it was being "policed" by lobby officials, and was not available for riding "probably until the first of the year."  I'm not sure if we were considered a terrorist threat, or if the crowds just grow to unmanageable proportions during the holidays.  No worries.  We can wait, and come back any time we please.
It was a good day!


  1. you have made me more homesick than ever.

  2. and that first picture of the boys is wonderful!

  3. I love the last picture of the boys. For some reason I love the backs of kids, dogs, whatever. And hey that huge tree, two small boys and Believe it just goes together. Merry Christmas guys!

  4. @Michele ~ Thank you! And...do you think you'll be heading out here anytime? :)

    @Betty ~ Oh, me too! It's funny you mention that particular picture, because it's one (of many!) that I see when I'm downloading and I realize it's *almost* perfect...and then I wish I were a better photographer, because I'd love to see the top of the tree and less of the sidewalk, and I think I could have done just that if I were paying more attention to things like composition! And Merry Christmas to you, too!!!! :)