Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Handmade Christmas ~ Mom and Baby

My mom and my niece's baby, that would be!  Erik and The Boys got my mom a Rolling Stones Package of the Keith Richards' autobiography Life and the Martin Scorsese film, Shine a Light.  My mom, you should know, thinks the drug-addled and semi-insane Richards is hilarious.  Okay, Ma. 

She is a huge Stones fan...for years, when we were growing up, she had one of those license plate surrounds that said, "Hey you, get offa my cloud".  It was custom made, people.  Custom made.  So, that was a good call.  I picked up a dish towel with a squirrel screen printed on it from an etsy shop.  Stones and squirrels, she loves them both.

Then I also made her this:
It's just a fabric banner, but I really like the jewel-tones.  She asked for one to hang over the french doors that separate her dining room from the living room.  The french doors are from her grandmother's house, and she wanted something that wasn't a flower garland.  Why?  I don't know why.  She got a bug up her butt, and this is the result.
I couldn't get a great picture of it on my bed, so I hung it up in the kitchen.  The white of my grandma's hutch is similar to the white of her grandma's doors, so it's a pretty fair representation!  These garlands are an absolute snap to make.  And, looking at it here, it seems I need one too.  Dammit.

My niece's baby is due in March, and I gave her this crocheted swing coat.  It's so cute!  The pattern is from one of the first pattern books I ever purchased....it must have been 6 or more years ago, now.  It's all patterns for babies and toddlers.  My FAVORITE knit and crochet projects are for babies and toddlers!  Partly because every babe needs a handmade welcome, and partly because the time frame for these wee little projects suit my complete lack of focus and commitment.  ahem. 


  1. I love all of your projects!! I need to post up my stuff, but I didn't do as much this year as I would've liked. I also had to give two IOU's - one because I had a custom order from my mom and the other because... well, I just ran out of time. Oh well, it was my sister and she still loves me. :) Merry Christmas! :D

  2. @Nancy ~ Um, hellloooo, you were a *little bit* busy with other 'things'! haha And just so you don't feel bad...my mom will get the fabric banner...tomorrow. :) And Merry Christmas to you! Are you going back to teach after the holiday? I'm back on Monday. (SMILE)

  3. Ha! That's why I like making baby things, too. *ahem*. :)

    I have a workday on Monday that I can avoid if I get my grades done before then, but it's back to school for sure on Tuesday.

  4. @Michele ~ um, thanks, you should totally tell my husband. ;)

    @Carmen ~ oh, I hate when you have deadlines like that hanging over vacation time! That happened to my long Thanksgiving weekend. So annoying!!!

    @Cori ~ you are. ;)