Saturday, August 21, 2010


We had decided to stay in LA to go to DisneyLand for a few days because it was our boys' birthdays last week.  Tommy turned 10 while we were in DisneyLand, and Scotty turned 5 after we got home.   Both boys were treated to room service breakfast our fist day at the hotel...pancakes shaped like Mickey Mouse, of course!!!  On Tommy's birthday he got to wear a Disney birthday button with his name on it, and everywhere we went, park employees said, "Happy birthday, Tommy!" and I do declare this to be the very best way to spend your birthday.  Magical indeed!
At home, on Scotty's birthday, I made a huge cupcake and topped it with 10 large beeswax candles and 5 squat beeswax candles, and Scotty was positively delighted by this.  Like all kids, he is so excited to get older...yet, sensing the advantages to being "the baby" in our family, he also resists growing up.  "Yesterday I was I am five....but look at me!  I'm still tiny!!!"  I'm sure years of therapy as an adult will eventually sort this out.  You're welcome, son.
It's weird, in our neck-of-the-woods, to have such a private birthday celebration.  A family trip, a family candle-lit ceremony, and no goodie bags or dozens of school friends at a themed party....I don't know, maybe they'll feel like they've missed out on something later, but it felt oh-so-right just now!

Since I just downloaded a bunch of pictures from my camera (thanks for the new card reader, honey!) here are a few more pictures from DisneyLand.  We're heading up to claim our Fast Pass place in line for a second round on Space Mountain here....Scotty leading the pack, of course!
Here's one for Carmen and Nancy...perhaps this is more your speed, ladies?  haha!  :-P
Scotty and I rested our dogs at the exit to the California Screamin' roller coaster, as we waited for Tommy and Erik to finish up (they loved it!!!).  Scotty loves these types of maps, with the pictures?  He stares at them when we get them at the zoo, too.  He's trying to decide where we should go next.

Here he is pointing to the Tower of Terror on the map.  "We're not going here," he said.  "The Tower of Terror makes me sad."  Got it.  Worst parents ever....check!


  1. Yes! That is exactly more my speed. :) Looks like you had a great time... happy birthday to Tommy and Scotty!

  2. I think birthday trips are an awesome idea.