Monday, August 30, 2010

It's All I Got Right Now

Here are some of my students, working with some pattern blocks during the first week of school.  I actually count 22 students in this photo.  Dude, seriously.  That means that are still another sixteen students in this classroom, outside the range of this photo.  It's nuts in there.  But let's not forget to take this opportunity to say, you know, how flippin' cute are they???  (Ahem, blurred faces and all.  :)

I made some twee curtains for my classroom out of two repurposed sheets that I 'inherited' from Gram.  She couldn't use all her twins anymore, so I got some fab fabric.  I love this closest one, as it has bees and butterflies and how awesome is that?
I think they look so much more festive than the industrial grey curtains that came with the classroom!  I was so excited to go back today and see the kids again!  Especially because I was sick this weekend.  This weather probably isn't helping...I do not exaggerate when I tell you it was at least 40 degrees colder on Friday than it was on Monday. 

That can't be good for you!  I think I should start a category here called "whining".  Of course, it could be applied to practically every post, so I don't know how helpful that would actually be, long term.


  1. i love your class room. it reminds me of my first grade classroom. we also had a kitchen area.
    love the curtains and love the fact that you can do what you like with your room.

  2. Wow, you have an insane amount of natural light! I'm so jealous... I have one scrawny window.

  3. @ Michelle ~ awww! Sweet! Yeah, our principal is really supportive. I guess he'd draw the line somewhere...but I'm not sure where; I haven't hit that wall yet!

    @ Carmen ~ Oh I know, right! I've been in the 'portable classrooms' before, and they have little windows at either end. Ugh! I've only had the lights on once since school started (it was cloudy that morning) and it's been super bright still! Love that!!!