Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dispatches from The Magical Kingdom

On our way to Anaheim, Erik proclaimed that we would be going to the "happiest place on Earth"...and, he predicted that everybody would cry, at least once.  haha!  Oh, how we laughed.  We were there for three days and three nights, and there was very little crying or sore feelings after all!  We stayed at The Californian Resort, and it was so beautiful.  It was a craftsman-style lodge, and Erik and I both whispered to each other that we sure wouldn't mind coming back...without kids.  :-) 

Our (unconscionably high-priced) resort package included "The Magic Hour", which meant that for two of the three days, we got into the DisneyLand Park at hour before the gates opened.  I'm here to report, it was a bargain at any price.  People:  We breezed up to The Matterhorn, Nemo's Submarine, Pirates of Caribbean, and the Haunted Mansion.  We waited no more than 10 minutes for Space Mountain.  We got fast-passes for Indiana Jones, Splash Mountain, Buzz Light Year, Buzz Light Year, Buzz Light Year, and Space Mountain.  The next day?  Buzz Light Year.  And Space Mountain.  We had some favorites!

Scotty was completely smitten with Space Mountain ("my head was almost in space!"), Toy Story Midway Mania (in the other park), the Matterhorn, and Splash Mountain.  He went on every ride he was tall enough to ride.  The only two he didn't go on were the California Screamer coaster and Big Thunder Railroad.  Everything else was a go!  Both of my kids, like both of their parents, are total thrill-seekers.  Having said that?  He was equally enthralled by Peter Pan's Flight, Mr. Toad's Wild Adventure, and Small World.  He's such a trip.

I did NOT approve, for the record, of taking The Boys onto the Tower of Terror.  Scotty said it "made me sad", which was understated considering that Tommy bawled.  Oh dear.  Erik and I spent the whole time consoling them, and whispered to each other that we wouldn't mind coming back....without kids.  :-)

Here we are exiting the Candy Store after Tower of Terror.  We're sorry, kids, that we scared the ever loving crap out of you.  Here, have some sugar!

Unbelievably, Tommy decided a little later to go on this ride, the Maliboomer.  Actually, this shouldn't surprise me....the kid went on EVERY RIDE there.  He loves roller coasters, and kept telling me to "put your hands up" on every ride.  He's so fun!  He even got Scotty to ride with his hands up on the Go Gadget coaster in Toon Town.  It was so funny!

But anyway, he's totally into thrilling rides, it's just that, like the Tower of Terror, it's a free fall drop.  Unlike the Tower of Terror, it first SHOOTS you up 1000 feet in less than 2 seconds.  Um......okay?  Scotty and Erik sat this one out, and Tommy and I waited in line for about 20 minutes.
Erik said Scotty sat on his bench and yelled, "SO LONG!!" every time the ride shot to the top.
When it was our turn to board, Tommy looked at me and said, "I changed my mind."  Then he left.  I'm such a sucker!
So I get on, solo.  The attendant pulls down my bar and then says, I swear to you, "Oops, that didn't catch...hold on."  Then he disappeared, came back, and 'tried again'.  I couldn't make this up.  "It's good now."  It is!  It's sooooo good!  What could possibly go wrong with this? 
Erik said that when we shot up, Scotty yelled, "That's what you get, Mommy!"  haha!  hahahahaha  That kills me!  I wonder if those two little twerps plotted the whole thing, to get back at me for Tower of Terror?  Wouldn't that be too funny!  Little schemers.

I was a little confused by the set up of this ride actually.  It has these glass shields as part of the pull down bars.  My friend Maia tells me later that this shield is for in case you throw up.  She also pointed out that there's a shower at the exit.

Maybe next time, Tommy, maybe next time.


  1. Eek! That's one thing that we don't have in common. I hate roller coasters and the like and you wouldn't catch me within a hundred feet of that ride. Glass shield for vomit? Shower at the exit? Not in my lifetime. :)

  2. I'm with Carmen. No. Way. Ev-ar. As a complete band geek in MS and HS and a MS and HS band teacher for several years, I went to many, many (too many) theme parks and I always brought a book. But I'm glad y'all had fun! :D

  3. @Carmen ~ Well, this small issue is, apparently, the only proof there is that we are not, in fact, the same person!

    @Nancy ~ first I was thinking about your 'condition' (so soon!!!) but when I saw you were this way in high school, well that just makes me giggle! Get ready, because having a sun is an E ticket ride, for sure. :)