Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Card, an Article, and a Bowl

I've gotten some 'snail mail' that's made me so happy!  Not too long ago, my cousins sent me a lovely 'thinking of you' card when my godmother was declining and my blog got quiet.  Recently, my friend Laurie (who doesn't have a blog, but DOES have a life and has been traveling and enjoying her post-retirement summer!) sent me a lovely note and a newspaper article on beekeeping.  (She wrote that clipping news articles was "old lady-ish behavior", and if so, I couldn't be more delighted!  I think Kelly will also think that's funny, as she recently sent two links to beekeeping blogs, via email, which has to be the 21st century version of clippings from the paper!)  This box also arrived, quite unexpectedly.
So much goodness inside!
Crafy stickers!  I've already used some, of course!  They're perfect for cards and decorations on some handmades I've gifted this summer!  I imagine they'll work their way onto some Christmas gifts, too!
Oh, stop it!  This divine bowl comes from the hands of the second-half of The Stitches, and while everything he makes is positively swoon-worthy (and I have a nice, growing collection of both purchased and gifted articles, so I have some expertise in this area) the sweet, sweet, SIZE of this bowl alone is enough to tip me over the edge.
For reference, here it is with my very favorite (also Scott-made) tea mug.  If you happen to think cereal is like crack, you will agree with me that this is the PERFECT cereal-sized bowl.
Oh, but it's perfect for lots of things!  My beloved cucumber and tomato salads, which I've been eating daily?  Just the right sized bowl for salad-as-dinner evenings.  My favorite kind!
I wish there was a way I could eat from it AND look at it upside down at the same time.  Because, hi, look at how beautiful the glazing is!
And, because Brit is only awesome, I have to say that the little note that said, "Don't throw out the packing newspaper....see who's on it!" makes my day!  Mr. Andy Paulson, nurse-extra-ordinaire, and that makes me laugh!  Alicia Paulson is so wonderful, and I have loved reading about their twee life in Portland, Oregon,  so much so that I recommended the blog to sweet Brit (she loves it, she does!) and so this funny touch just kills me.  Also, Mr. Andy Paulson became a nurse after he and Alicia went through a horrible ordeal (she was runover by a garbage truck, truth) and he found his calling at her bedside, and during her months of recovery.  They were newlyweds when this happened, and it was devastating (she still wears a boot, as she lost most of one of her feet) but it's so much a part of their love story ...I love people in love.  Did you click on the link to The Stitches?  Yeah.  
I love people in love!

The Internets have been so kind to me over the years, both as a way of keeping in touch with old friends and in making new friends.  Old and new...the best kinds of friends, don't you agree?