Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This Week in the Garden

The longview of the main raised bed.  It probably doesn't look like much is happening here.  But, as many of you know, sweet garden surprises are the reason I garden in the first place.
Because the closer you get, the more life you see!  Blooms and veggies (fruits? oh, tomato, you vex me!)  are right there for your enjoyment....
So many tomatoes!  Turning all shades of green, pink, yellow, orange, and, yes, finally red!

Squash...I don't know what this one is called, but it is by far my most prolific squash plant.  Beautiful and lush and churning out a dozen squash where my zucchini and yellow crook neckeds are barely earning their keep. 
My cucumbers and eggplants are so happy!  I'm having a bumper crop of cucumbers, and with just enough tomatoes to keep me in cuke/tom salad for dinner every night, well, you won't hear me complaining about that....ever.
Not a single strawberry has made it past the garden pests known as Scotty and Tommy.  I won't lie to you...I've committed my own crimes against the possibility of future freezer jam, standing in the garden, tunneling through berries. 
And have I ever mentioned the number of lizards living in my yard?  Seriously!!!  I see hundreds, every day.  Wasps, honey bees, turtle doves, lizards, dragon flies, hummingbirds, butterflies, moths, sparrows, blue birds (cuties!), blue jays (bullies!), and too many finches to count, all count my backyard as home.   Let's not talk about the deer and the raccoons (or the damage they cause); let's just enjoy the diversity and get lost in nature's uncertainty.

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  1. Your garden bounty looks great! I'm jealous that you're already eating tomatoes. Thanks for the tomato advice (via Erik). I did some pruning today and hopefully that will help, but I'm not holding my breath. I think the heirloom tomato flowers just aren't opening enough or consistently enough to get fertilized correctly. We've had to create this "garden" on our front deck, overhanging the driveway. It was a necessity due to deer (shaking fist). You can see some photos on my blog.
    Thanks again!