Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Always Be Closing

Sometimes, when Scotty is really being annoying (come on! he's three!) he starts whining for milk, and he just won't let it go. Even as you're getting the milk out of the refrigerator, and filling his sippy cup, he'll stand there yipping at you.

When he does this, and Erik has absolutely had it, he'll turn to Scotty and say, "Milk is for closers!" and when that happens I just laugh and laugh and laugh. [That link, btw, not safe for work or small children. Or people with delicate sensibilities.]

Erik and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary at the beginning of this is the same day as our 17th anniversary of 'being together'. I joke and tell him "Every year is getting longer!" but the truth is, every year is getting better. I love him so much, I love our little family so much, and he makes me laugh so hard. You know what he's good at? He is really good at making me laugh when I'm taking myself, or life, entirely too seriously.

We're total opposites ~ he says I'm chaos and he's order ~ but like two puzzle pieces, we fit together perfectly when notched together.

Photo: Reel Life Wisdom


  1. Do great minds think alike, or what?!? I just posted about our 25th anniversary, then click to your blog and what do I find?

    And our 25th anniversary is also our 31st anniversary of being together.

    Twins? Separated at birth? I know, you and Moose must be "cousins, identical cousins" like that old Patty Duke show.

  2. You've got 11? That's one better than a perfect 10. Congrats. and here's a little Spinal Tap to elaborate:

  3. Kelly ~ ha! "they talk alike they walk alike at times they even..." hmmm...even what? I can't remember!

    Sally ~ no elaboration needed! It's one louder, isn't it?