Monday, May 18, 2009

Draft Pattern Update

I've had these two purses I made a couple of weeks ago with Alice's draft pattern, and I just love them. I've been kind of struggling with how to embellish them, but I finally decided and I'm quite smitten. I made a medium sized purse in cream colored cotton yarn, and a small sized purse in red cotton yarn.

The red was never an was screaming for daisies from jump, and I heeded the call. I used french knot embroidery to attach the yellow center to the pedaled discs, and my be-daisied bag looks utterly like Alice's, but without her sophisticated color palette. I haven't picked the lining fabric yet, but I think it will be a snap to find something in my stash that will work.

Alice emailed me the pattern and I had the small red one made less than 24 hours later, and the cream was made over the next few days. I mean, I've been admiring her bags for-evah, and I couldn't wait to make one, and I wanted to be able to give her timely feedback, and in case I never mentioned it, I'm a smokin' fast crocheter, so, boom-boom-boom, there you go.

And there they sat for two weeks. Because, you know, you can't rush these things.

The larger bag, though (unbelievably!) even better than the smaller, was less obvious to me. I played around with some different ideas, but really, they would have ended up being basically copies of some of the nifty things Alice has already done. I just felt so compelled about those daisies, like I didn't have a choice about them, so I wanted to have something "all me" for the second bag. I pulled out different embroidery floss and felt pieces, and after fooling around with a few, I ended up piecing together this sweet little dragonfly.

I'm in love. He's got a brown body, and red felt, both made from the wool blanket I cut and dyed last winter. I'm using a combination of backstitch and frenchknots to attach the pieces.

I'm not done....with either one....but I like them both, so far. I like them very much! Alice, if you an believe it, will be making this pattern available, for free. I'm a fan.

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