Monday, May 4, 2009

:: Swap ::

I mentioned that I participated in a 'swap' for the first time, and now that it's over I can share without fear of 'ruining' a surprise! Pippa got her package over the weekend and sent me a lovely note to let me know. The swap was for "pot holders and dish towels". Just to let you know, when I signed up, it was dishtowels. Which I can do. Then it evolved and added pot holders. Which was problematic. Then they got the bright idea to include a recipe. You're killing me, here.

But Pippa was so warm and welcoming and encouraging. She really made it such a fun experience, and I hope everybody was as lucky in their partner-ings.

I crocheted two dish rags and two...I don't even know. The square solid ones are supposed to be dish towels. They are too short to be helpful as dishtowels, but too thick (though I love that waffle weave!) to be dish rags. They could actually pass as potholders! I have a couple in my own kitchen, and I use them constantly, for everything, but they truly do defy description. I wipe counters, grab hot food, lay them as a make-shift trivet, and wipe my hands on them.

I also made two proper pot holders, from the general directions in Stiched in Time. I embroidered some cheeky fruits and vegetables from the Sublime Stitching designs, because I knew from our email correspondence that Pippa loves to garden. (BTW: How have I gone this long without zombies?)

I also found out that Pippa and her family are great campers (we have so much in common!) and I think this little caravan and pup-tent are the sweetest (also from Sublime). I embroidered them using a really traditional idea of redwork, then took off on that a bit for some "aquawork". These are actually proper kitchen towels, and are of a size, shape, and fabric that should be quite useful in the kitchen!

The recipe I sent was Rachel's Afghani Chicken. I love this meal! It all cooks up in one pot (I use our dutch oven) and that is always a blessing when it comes to clean-up time. It's always delicious and it's a great 'company' dinner since it requires little of the hostess but packs a punch in presentation and taste. It calls for saffron threads (expensive! at least here...and I get them at either the proper meat butcher's or the Afghan specialty store near my work...I've never seen them at a 'regular' grocery store in our area) but in a pinch (and you know I've been in a pinch!!) you can use tumeric, which is readily available in any spice aisle.

Thanks again, Pippa, it was so lovely! And I do believe she'd approve, since all of these items were either made with thrifted or repurposed materials!


  1. those camping hand towels are SO ADORABLE!!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words. This is what these swaps are all about, making a connection, being part of a community. I just want to say Mia you have been a joy to make for.
    'Saffron cake' has been made in Cornwall since the Phoneicians came to trade tin 1000 years before Christ. When I was growing up Saffron could be bought at any local shop but was very expensive and usually sold a few strands at a time. I haven't made Saffron cake for years, might make some this week, if I can still find the saffron.

    Pippa x