Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Monday was a very big day for our family....Scotty pooped on the potty!

Now, Scotty will be four years old in a few months. And he's been potty-trained for years. He wears a pull-up when he's sleeping, mostly because I prefer not to create extra chores, by way of sheets that need stripping, washing, and replacing, three extra times per week.

Furthermore, Scotty has been well-schooled in the benefits that we all share, when we crap in the toilet. Things like... skid-free underpants... the love and general acceptance of our peers and family members... not needing to hide in shame under tables or behind couches, until somebody follows the stench to our unspeakably filthy drawers. It's a good life when you take care of business, as we have been trying to convince him for some time.

Today, he went in his pants. Twice. And we had a nice conversation about how there's a better way, there really is. And then Erik and I both hid from our children and cried, because we're pretty sure that he will be sent home from second grade for crapping in his pants. He doesn't actually do this at school...he's managed to get himself onto a schedule where he's only pooping on our watch.

I went back to working in the yard, and Erik went back to practicing guitar, and before too long... Erik found Scotty pooping on the potty! (Here's where one might legitimately ask why he would still be pooping, three sessions in, but let's just assume here that we can wonder, without really actually hoping to hear an answer, and move on, shall we?)

What a Big Day! We broke out Great Grandma's tea cups and had a Very Special Kool-Aid Toast. To Scotty! L' Chaim! Salud! Cheers! Lots of hugs, lots of happy jigs, and lots of crossed fingers. One in a row...let's hope this is the start of something beautiful.


  1. Mia, tell Scotty by pooping in the toilet he is doing a great service by helping stimulating the economy. All the wastewater treatment plant operators congratulate him. Thank you, Scotty, for the job security. Moose

  2. Huh, excuse my poor grammar and lack of proof reading. Moose

  3. Kool Aid from bone china cups, what a celebration. Funny how exciting poop can be!!!! Especially when it is done on the potty:)