Monday, May 11, 2009

:: Happy ::

I hope everybody had a wonderful weekend, and spent a special day yesterday with your mamas. I was so grateful for the sunshine and a few hours spent gardening with the kids. Erik really made it a special day for me, involving lots of lazy mommy time, where I got to cuddle and he got to feed them and ferry Tommy to baseball practice.

I weeded the front yard and finished moving and expanding the kitchen garden I've got in a raised bed that I can see from my kitchen window. I took a break on the front stoop, watching bees and butterflies taking advantage of the flora in our yard. Scotty scooted in close and sat next to me. "Hi Scoot!" I said. And he said, oh it slays me, he said, "I'm so happy mommy." I know how you feel, kiddo.

As a pre-Mother's Day gift, I got a package in the mail last week from Pippa for the swap we were in. Oh my! It was a box full of beautiful, and I'm still catching my breath! There were two beautifully embroidered dish towels and two coordinating pot holders. There were four cotton dish rags...two pink (hello, favorite color!) and two that are the sweetest variegated yarn. I love variegated yarns!

Look at the beautiful embroidery detail! Oh gosh, you would not believe the craftsmanship on these...the binding on the hot pads, and the sweet little flowers....I have a long way to go!! Such an inspiration.

I put a few of the dishcloths in this eggplant-colored bowl to keep handy near the sink. I'm on the lookout for something more spacious (I am, apparently, obsessed with teeny-tiny bowls!) but I'm going to wait until I get a curtain on the window so I can get a better idea of the overall look. There are two great views from this window ~ the San Francisco Bay and my kids riding bikes in the court ~ so I'm thinking it will be a valance so it doesn't obstruct my line of sight. It would be nice, however, if it stopped me from having to look at this filthy window. Ahem.

Included in the package were an adorable sunflower card and recipe folder. Look at the little bee hives in the corners! I love these! She started me off with two sweet recipes. I thought I'd make them today, but some last minute changes in the schedule means that I wasn't involved in any kind of "brunch" situation. So they're due up, for sure! I've already added two more sweet recipes for ice cream cake and cinnamon biscuits. And there you have's my new desserts recipe folder! I often find a recipe I'd like to try while flitting across the internet, so I keep it handy with a pen and I hand-write them in.

Thank you, Pippa! I love these generous, thoughtful, and oh so beautiful treasures!

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