Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Something happened recently, and it reminded me of a story I had written on my original blog (I've kept an online journal since 2004 on Blogger) and I went back and tried to find the story. There's no way to search or anything on that blog, so I ended up sifting through quite a few posts (there are over 600) and still couldn't find it...yet!

But the reason I'm even mentioning it, is because I read some stories that I loved! I know I wrote them, so it sounds ridiculous, but I loved reading them, because they were about my kids, or something I was doing that turned out to be hilarious in retrospect, or some other moment in time that seemed insignificant but oh, gosh, to have all those pictures and memories right kind of takes my breath away. There are many times, I have wondered, what exactly is it that I'm doing here, with all this....but seeing all that, in one place, I'm glad I looked (ignoring my self-imposed policy of never, ever, poking through the angst that is my archives) and I'm glad it's there, and I'll gladly keep typing these, into the ether, because nothing felt better than reading the tiny little moments, the silly conversations, and quiet nothingness, of a lovely own, lovely life, that is.

Also? I had a filthy little mouth in that journal! Oh my...I swore a lot! And it makes me laugh when I read it, because it sounds exactly like what I'm thinking in my head. Just so you know.

When I find that post I was thinking of, I'll port it over here, and that may happen every so often, as the occasion arises. Kind of like the turtle story, I suppose!

In the meantime, I took this picture Sunday night when I was doing some baking. I just got another 30 eggs from my mom's chickens (I know! 30!) and even though there are now FIVE DOZEN eggs in my refrigerator, I had a couple from an emergency grocery store run when I was in between gifted eggs.

Can you tell which eggs are from the store and which one is from my mom's chicks? It's crazy how bright the yolk is! They are so fresh, and so yummy! I like a scrambled egg in the morning, and nothing's better than a free-range egg, but The Boys prefer pancakes. I'll pop two eggs (three if they're small-ish) into the pancake mix, and I swear, you can taste a difference!

(This does not look very appealing, but trust me when I say, it turned in to some mighty tasty banana nut bread.)

She also got two tiny baby goats on Monday! I missed the goats' arrival, but I'll did see them yesterday when I dropped off Scotty. Oh the cuteness. Holy moly. They are so wee, and they belt out the baas as soon as they see you exit the house. Then, when you get into their little yard, they run right up to you (they are being bottle fed once a day, still) and they love on you and follow you everywhere. No matter where I went, I had my cutie-pie shadows. Scotty wanted to feed them "a snack" from his playhouse, which consisted of fake play food. Mom convinced him that the goats would prefer some oats!

I was out there Monday morning (thank you, three-day weekend!) and we were futzing around with the horses, collecting eggs, and poking around in the gardens...her corn is about up to my waist already! I love that farm; it will always be home to me.

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  1. I agree with you, eggs from your own chickens are way better than store bought. The color and thickness of the yokes are wonderful. Gosh it must be so much fun for your boys to spend time with their grandpa and grandma. Baby goats sound kind of like puppies. Hope they don't help harvest the corn:)