Friday, May 29, 2009

Billy Goat Gruff

Oh my gosh, these goats are cute! This one has Scotty yelling, "They can't climb up here!" as he tries to get a break.

True. True. But they can wait.

Eventually, you'll have to leave your perch, and then they will get you! (They chased him 'round and 'round this trampoline and I could not stop laughing... it was like one of those Laurel and Hardy sketches, where they're being chased by a mummy? Too funny!)

And when they catch you, they will love you up like nobody's business.

Of course, there is such a thing as "too much love" when it comes to a baby goat! They just can't seem to help themselves...though both my mom and dad have already jumped on my case for not schooling them enough. Bad habits start young, and all that....hmph.

They are so curious. I think I read somewhere that it's a myth about goats "eating anything", and that they can really hurt themselves when they eat the wrong this matchbox car, for example. I think I always did hear about how they'd eat tin cans and stuff, or was that a kid's book? Anyway, nope! Not good, not good at all.

Is it possible to die from too much cuteness? Can you just keel over and wither away from "darling"? Because I think I might have a bad case of it...just looking at these things makes me feel faint! And when I rub behind their ears, and they push me with their noses, well, then, I can't be expected to withstand all of that coming at me at once.

The goats have a little 'kennel' to go into...they are so so so small! It helps them feel safe to cuddle in an enclosed place. There's some straw to make a bed. Or a nest. And the chickens, who share the yard with the goats (or, "goaties" as Scotty calls them), keep laying eggs in the goats' bed.


  1. Those baby goats are adorable!!! I bet both they and Scotty sleep well after a day of run around the trampoline.

  2. This is too much cuteness.

  3. You betcha Betty! dirty + tired = good day at grandma's house. Always!

    JD ~ I know, right? It's just too much. This morning I had to bottle feed them and I thought I would die. Where have you been. Miss you! xoxo

  4. Oh my gosh, I love them!! If I were your kids I would want to spend all of my time at Grandma's house too!! I still remember JoeyGeorge and Tommy riding the 4wheeler around the front yard. I have always loved your parents house... good times!