Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Batter Up

For Mother's Day, I got the best presents from my boys! Scotty made a drawing for me, and his pre-school teacher took a sweetie-pie picture of him and it was pasted inside. Tommy made me
a "coupon book", with several that were provided by his teacher (photocopied; things like 'breakfast in bed', or 'I will do the fill in the blank chore', or 'Alone Time for Mommy') and that's very sweet. But my very favorite were the several that he made on his own. In his own shakey print, he had written what he knew would be my favorite, most used, most loved coupons: 'Play with Tommy'. 'Watch a tv show with Tommy'. 'Read with Tommy'.

Oh my gosh. What that kid does to my heart.

He was quick to tell me that the coupons can be reused, and never expire. So I've been spending his handwritten coupons with the abandon of a drunken sailor on shore leave. We get to read, watch our favorite show (Berenstein Bears), and play. When I get to pick, we play Guess Who and card games. When he gets to pick, we play catch or go to the batting cages.

We started going to the batting cages last week, and quickly slipped through $25 worth of tokens. *cough* We'll need to pace ourselves! But for now, it's been too fun to resist!

I don't know...I'm no expert, but shouldn't the elbow be 'up'? Closer to his ear? Moose, I could use your expertise!

I could watch him for hours! Of course it only takes about 20 minutes to blow through 100 pitches and 15 bucks, so 20 minutes it is. It's been most enjoyable when I've been able to pick Tommy up from school and it's just me and him while Scotty is at my mom's. Less festive, but still ridiculously fun, was the one time that I had to keep Scotty in my lap while I sat on the stairs that go into the cage and Tommy was inside batting. Oh boy. Have you ever tried to put clothes on a cat? Kind of similar. By the time he was registering his complaint in High E, straight into my ear, it was time to go. Thankfully!

And I think it's paying off already! Here he is at practice. Level swing, strong cut, eye on the ball...nicely played! You can't tell in this picture, but he's wearing a t-shirt that has the Superman emblem on the front, but instead of an "S" it has the symbol for "Pi". Scotty has one with dirt splashed across the Pi symbol, as in "Mud Pi". I've got my only little Nerd Herd going.

And that's proud papa on the bench. Normally, I go to practice with Tommy on Sundays. (Yes, they practice on Sunday afternoon! Don't get me started. ggrrrrr. But it was the only available time, so I've heard!) Erik stays home with Scotty, as part of our divide and conquer strategy, and I knit or crochet or do some embroidery or whatever hand work I'm currently obsessed with. I don't usually mind getting some sun, cheering him on, and crafting. Good times, good times. But, since it was Mother's Day (!!), Erik went and I stayed home and gardened with Scotty.

*sigh* Life is so good.


  1. Sounds like great fun!!!! I spent Mother's Day morning watching my 15 year old granddaughter play basketball, yep basketball games on Sunday! Actually it was one of my greatest gifts because she lives in Sacramento and I don't get to see many of her games. Tommy is getting to be quite the Baseball player. Maybe a future Giant in the making.

  2. I think his stance looks good. Right now it's a matter of "Just do it" and have fun. I always enjoyed the batting cage. Although, when I was growing up there was only one batting cage in the area and that was Mission San Jose. Moose