Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ugliest Cat in the World?

When I picked the boys up from school today, it was another blustery kind of afternoon. I was just daydreaming about getting cozy with a fire and my favorite guys when I saw a really ugly cat dart part way into the street and try to eat something spilled there. It was probably a tortoiseshell calico, but it looked all mottled and funky because somebody, some lunatic, had completely shaved her. (BTW, I can assume it's a girl, because virtually all calico cats are girls. You should take the over/under that an orange tabby is a boy. You can google it, but you should know that my mom owned a pet store for like, 30 years, and this is something I do not joke about.)

So she slithers out to her roadkill snack, and Scotty pipes up from the backseat: "Hey, look! It's a... squirrel!"

That's one ugly cat, my friends.


  1. A squirrel?! Oh my goodness. That's a frightening thought! My orange tabby cat is a girl. Rare indeed. And she ain't never gonna be no squirrel!

  2. Ha!! Sally, you WOULD have a female orange tabby! Oh my gosh, that's so funny to me. I'm glad to hear that she won't be shaved down any time soon! And, hey, congrats on a great game this weekend! If that's what beer and bacon gets you, I say keep it up. :P