Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Crafty Boy

Tommy was invited to a "play date" on Saturday. I found out Saturday morning at 9:30 that it was a "birthday party" and he would be the only "guest". I guess that's a play date!

We had to meet them in about an hour, and Tommy was very excited. His school friend got to invite one special person to go to the Chuck E. Cheese with him and his mom, and Tommy definitely likes to rate.

Tommy is a bit of a fanboy. Like his father, ahem, he becomes unnaturally obsessed with whatever thing that is occupying his mental and emotional space, and that's all she wrote. Legos, Star Wars, Bakugan, Hannah Montana (shut up), and each new thing, it's just stacked on top of the others! He doesn't relinquish anything so that he can make more room.

The newest thing is something called "Gormiti" and, following the foolproof success of "mutant creature" and "trading card" recipe of nearly every other serial collector's item for young boys, Gormiti is off to a roaring start. I saw them on sale at Target last week some time and picked up a few packages, thinking that I'd eventually spring them on Tommy. He loves surprises!

Thankfully, these were still on hand (what can I say? I'm a lazy gifter.) when the surprise attack birthday came about. Tommy got to split the creatures and cards between him and his friend, and he helped me make matching draw-string pouches to keep their treasures in.

I just got such a kick out of this big old clod-hopper boot driving the sewing machine pedal!

At first I was all: 1. fold fabric in half. 2. fold and hem tops of each side. 3. sew up the sides. 4. Run drawstring through. Bob's your uncle!

Except, then I was all: How am I supposed to get the drawstring all the way through, when the sides are stitched shut? Dang it! So I sort of 'engineered' it with some problem solving.

First, I ironed a scant 1/8th inch seam along the sides, all the way up through where the folded hem would be at the top. Then I stitched down, just the length of the hemmed area at the top.

This mess will be on the inside, when I fold it under, and stitch the hem, leaving a seamless outside edge.

Sew the hemmed edge all the way across.

Sew up the sides, going passed the hem seam, but not all the way to the top. There will be a small, largely unnoticeable gape at each side, which the drawstring passes through.

Run a piece of slim bias tape through, using a safety pin attached to the edge.

Tie a knot at each end of the tape.

Simple! I used some of the blue wool felt (to match the bias tape) and put the boys' initials on the front, using a simple handsewed running stitch.

Now! Now Bob's your uncle!


  1. You are a "wonder mom" and make me tired just thinking of the things you accomplish :)

  2. lol Betty! I always get exhausted thinking about what I *still* have to accomplish!