Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Weekend :: Aftermath ::

Super glue.

Bedtime crashes.

Scrapes and bruises.

Happy painting, outdoors.

Piles of laundry, waiting to be folded. And put away. Again. :)

High fives, all around, because we survived a baseball game, a picnic, two play dates, an overnight trip to grandma and grandpa's, falling off the hammock, tripping over second base, swimming in an unheated pool (it's possible that Tommy does not feel "coldness", whatsoever) and having to share. Deduct a point for breaking my painted clay dish from Oaxaca.


  1. Mia I just have to tell you that this will the first of many years of bleacher sitting. After many years of little league, pop warner football, and high school football my butt and back took the position. I now sit in bleachers for motorcycle races and basketball. You have just begun the sport:-)

  2. I'm picturing it now, Betty! I'm going to have to get into "bleacher shape" at the start of each season. I'll have a stretching and warm-up routine, and I'll work myself up from three minutes on the bench, to five, to ten, to thirty. By the end of March, I'll be up to 2 hours at a time!