Thursday, June 4, 2009


I took this picture from my bedroom window. It is a magical spot for me, yet I don't think that's captured in these simple photos from my mediocre camera.

What the picture doesn't capture?

:: The variety of birds that are constantly lighting in and out of the trees and perching on the time one of those birds landed on a small branch right in front of the window as I was staring and daydreaming, and it freaked me out because at first I thought, "Holy cow, that's one UGLY bird!" until I realized that it had a moth in it's beak, which made it look wildly deformed.

:: The sound of the waterfall, which is so soothing and makes me incredibly happy.

:: The smell of the flowers.

:: The sound of my boys, using the playhouse directly under the window (you can see the slope of the roof there) as a castle.

:: The rustle of the lizards moving through the dry grass on the hill to the left of what you can see in this picture.

:: The clothesline is empty at the moment, but there are often linens hanging there, and I love how they look, swaying in the breeze.

There is so much wildlife in our yard! Birds and lizards, also butterflies, bees, snakes! From this window, I can watch the birds take baths in the waterfall, and the bees and hummingbirds feeding on the flowered bushes. I feel so lucky to have this little spot, and I try to visit it every day.

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  1. can you ship me those plants please . . . I think you must or I might steal them.