Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

After a rather dismal June, weather-wise, this weekend was bright and sunny and warm. Finally!

So Erik took the bikes in for a tune-up. He got the bike shop to put training wheels on Tommy's old tiny bike so Scotty could use a Big Boy Two-Wheeler. (He's only used 'big wheel' three-wheelers up until today.)

Then we packed up the bikes and some water bottles and hit the park for some practice time.

Scotty did great! He had a blast, circling the park on the bike paths, chasing Tommy, until he realized that no, he was actually being chased by Tommy.

And then the peals of laughter that rose over the water and to Erik, who captured it all on his new iPhone.

Good times. Good times.

He crashed a few times, dusted himself off and got right back on, to tear around the park again...right up until the crash where we were pretty sure his arm wasn't supposed to look "like that".

But what do we know? He wasn't crying very hard. Tommy had snapped both his arm bones clean in half when he was in kindergarten, so we were pretty sure it wasn't broken. But did it always look like that?


So we went to the emergency room, just to be safe. And look at him here in the waiting room.

Obviously, he's fine, and we are feeling pretty silly for spending the afternoon on Father's Day holed up in the E/R, when an ice pack would have solved the whole problem.

Except. Except. Are you sure his arm always looked like that? I feel like the other one is straight? Straight-er?

And look at him! He's watching a Star Trek II clip on You Tube. Maybe we're crazy.

Oh! No! We were right. It's broken.

Good to know our intuition is right on.


A "stabilized fracture" that they set temporarily using a fiberglass sprint, instead of a cast. He'll have to go to Children's Hospital in the morning. They'll check it out, and if the swelling is down enough, he'll get the proper cast tomorrow. Otherwise, the proper cast goes on in a few days, when the swelling is gone.

He didn't swell much at all, during the whole transaction, which sort of contributed to our confusion.

Kind of a rotten way to spend Father's Day, except, honestly, we all got to feel especially thankful for our family's daddy, who does all the cuddling, worrying, form-filling-outting, and encouraging any little boy (and his brother and mommy) could possibly need.


  1. Boy,Scotty doesn't look any worse from the broken arm. What a sport. Good thing for little guys, they heal fast. Bet he can't wait for that fiberglass cast. What color do you think it will be???

  2. Right! He's a great patient. Today, he and Erik were at Children's hours? Yeah. Still, he held up pretty well. They did another xray and, because the break happened at an angle, they did decide to get the orthopedic surgeon in to 'manipulate' the arm. You don't want to know. My mom predicted he would pick either green or red. Green it is! Bright, neon, green. Tommy and I brought home some vanilla ice cream and some Star Trek action figures, so he's right as rain now!

  3. What a trooper! You will have to take a pic of the bright green cast for us.