Thursday, June 18, 2009


Yesterday afternoon we were sitting at the patio table, and I couldn't help but take this picture when I looked up and saw those little clothespins clipped there. We use the clothespins to attach the butcher paper to the table when Scotty wants to paint (and he always wants to paint) but when I need to move the paper, I used to just lay the clothespins on the table. Then I would find them all over the place; or worse, I couldn't find them at all when I really needed them most!

In order to keep them in one safe location, where I could easily find them when I needed them in a hurry, I clipped them to the most handy spot. This is one of those totally organic, mama-in-need solutions that, by happy coincidence, turns into something I just love.

What is it? Is it the wooden clips themselves? Is it the old-fashioned petunias? Is it the little wire rack, that reminds me so much of the little racks bottles of milk used to be delivered in? I'm inclined to think it's all of those things, together, that make me so happy.


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