Friday, June 19, 2009


I was in my math class this week, and I watched the gentleman across the table from me, using a colored pencil to shade in the bound region he had just created. No biggie, happens all the time. But then, he turned and used the same colored pencil to work out an equation and it made me laugh. It was like a little kid, turning in his homework written in crayon!

So I go, "Joe, do you want a pencil?"

He tells me he'd love a pencil, and that he's really been suffering all day without one.

So I reached into my hair and grabbed him a pencil.

He thought that was really funny.

Is it strange? That I wear my hair clipped up nearly every day? And that I often use the little nest created, when I put that clip in, to keep pens and pencils handy?

Because I was just thinking that it is really smart to do that.


  1. That is why I am intrigued with the idea of living in zero gravity. Imagine the potential for tucking opportunities.

  2. HA! Tucking opportunities. You make me laugh! That's right up there with "you're obviously very toned" for things-Scott-says-that-slay-me!