Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Pitiful little boy. That's his super-special-neon-green-cast (that's for you, Tra!). My nephew's fiance drew a 'flagship enterplise' on it, and now Scotty holds it over his head, shakes his other tiny fist, and yells "Kaaaaaahhhhhhnnnnnn!!!" at the top of his lungs.

I love this kid.

(Don't worry, it looks way worse than it is...the oxygen tubes and ekg monitors were for the 'manipulation', where they use a real-time x-ray to watch as they set the bones. You can imagine that would be quite painful without some sedation, but they don't put them under for this. They dose them heavily with ketamine and put them in 'twilight', which means he's awake for everything but doesn't really feel the pain (though there's a physical reaction as though he does) and he also forgets the whole ordeal just about immediately. Parents, however, are shook for a week.)


  1. Oh, I've been reading these entries with such compassion. One of our neighbors just broke his arm bike riding in the park the other week. (He's about 6.) He has the SAME green cast! Anyway, it took him a couple weeks but he's out playing and running around just fine. Hope Scotty is soon doing the same. I guess after the initial injury, a cast -- and a tale of a broken bone -- becomes a badge of honor for boys. Thinking of you all!

  2. yikes! Not ready for motherhood!! not ready for broken bones!!

  3. Tell Scotty that I broke my arm when I was 7. I fell off of the monkey bars at Cox elementary school in Oakland. All turned out well. Moose

  4. Pamela ~ Thanks! You know, the nightmare has really been trying to get Scotty to STOP jumping around and to take the injury seriously! Erik is such a worry wart, and this is going kind of badly. I keep telling him the casted arm is the safest it will ever be, and if we are worried about anything, it should the one good arm he has left.

    Brit ~ You can always pad the house, car, and driveway!

    Moose ~ Poor baby! That's how Tommy broke his arm too! It's like you two were separated at birth. :) I'll let Scotty know that he's in good company.

  5. wow the star trek stuff is hysterical, my sister had a case like that (well swirled with pick) at just about the same age

  6. Marissa ~ Although I'm sorry to hear that any child has been injured, I can't tell you how relieved I am to FINALLY hear about a GIRL who had a cast too! Both of my sons had casts (Tommy at 5, now Scotty at not-quite-4) on the same arm, and I thought surely I must be suffering as mom-to-boys!